Curriculum Vitae

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Research Professor of New Testament Studies

Professor of Spiritual Development and Culture, Center for Christian Leadership

Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas, Texas






Name: Darrell Lane Bock

Birthdate: 8 December, 1953

Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Parents: Bertram Victor and Arlene Anne Bock

Citizenship: US

Marital Status: Married—23 December, 1975

Spouse:            Sarah (Sally) Painter

Children:           Elisa (Laird) (8.26.80—Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)

Lara (Stone) (11.28.81—Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)

Stephen (5.16.84—Dallas, Texas, USA)

Grandchildren: Aidan (2005); Toby (2007)




1975 B.A., University of Texas at Austin; Austin, Texas, USA; Major: European and Reformation History.

1979 Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA; Major: Old Testament with High Honors.

1983 Ph.D., University of Aberdeen; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; Major: New Testament; Topic: Luke’s Use of the Old Testament for Christology–Title: Proclamation from Prophecy and Pattern, (Supervisor: I. Howard Marshall).



1971-72 Southern Methodist University; Dallas, Texas, USA; Major: General Humanities; No degree, transferred in 1972 to another university.

1972-75 University of Texas at Austin; Austin, Texas, USA; Main study: Radio, TV, Film, and then History.

1975-79 Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA; Main Study: Old Testament and New Testament.

1979-1982 University of Aberdeen; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; Main Study: New Testament, Luke-Acts; Use of the Old Testament in the New; Redaction Criticism; Christology; Hermeneutics.




Sept. 1978–May 1979—Worked with Young Life, Austin High School; Austin, Texas, USA;

Sept.–Dec. 1979—Taught Adult Sunday School, Grace Covenant Church; Austin, Texas, USA;

1980–1982—Pulpit supply for various rural churches in the Church of Scotland;

March 1982–present—Associate Pastor, Trinity Fellowship Church, Richardson, Texas, USA;

Sept. 1982–Oct. 1987—Assistant Professor of New Testament Literature and Exegesis; Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA;

May 1984—Guest lecturer in Bible at International School of Theology; Arrowhead Springs, California, USA (1984);

Sept. 1987–present—Chairman of Steering Committee, CD Word Library; Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA;

Oct. 1987–Oct. 1991—Associate Professor of New Testament Studies; Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas;

July 1989–August 1990—Post graduate research, University of Tübingen; Tübingen, Germany; for a commentary on Luke (see V. below);

May 1991–May 1993—Co-President, Parent-Teacher’s Association, Dan D. Rogers Elementary School, Dallas, Texas, USA;

Aug. 1991–July 1993—Editorial Advisory Board, Bibliotheca Sacra, Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA;

Aug. 1991–Sept. 1993—Tenure Review Committee, Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA; (Chair- Sept. 1992-93);

Oct. 1991–present—Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, USA;

Nov. 1991–present—National Secretary, Dispensationalism Study Group, Evangelical Theological Society;

Nov. 1991–Nov. 1995—Invited Participant, Luke-Acts Group, Society of Biblical Literature;

Feb. 1992 and July, 1992—Guest Bible lecturer, Seminario Teologico Centroamericano; Guatemala City, Guatemala;

March 1992–March 1993—Regional Chair, New Testament Program, Southwest Regional, Society of Biblical Literature;

April 1992—Guest lecturer, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida, USA;

Oct. 1992—Guest speaker, Dallas Seminary Pastor’s Conference; Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA;

Oct. 1992—Guest Bible lecturer, Multnomah School of the Bible, Portland, Oregon, USA;

Dec. 1992—Elder, Trinity Fellowship Church; Richardson, Texas, USA;

June 1993—Guest Professor, Park Bible Church, Pastoral Education Extension, Huntington Park, Canada;

July 1993—Guest Professor, Campus Crusade for Christ Institute for Theological Studies, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA;

July 1993—Corresponding Editor, Christianity Today;

November 1993-1998—Editorial Advisory Board, Bulletin for Biblical Research;

1994- Consultant translator for Luke for The New Living Bible.

July 1994—Elected to membership in the American College of Biblical Theologians;

July–Aug. 1994—Guest Professor, Seminario Teologico Centro Americano, Guatemala City;

April 1995—Guest lecturer, Westminster West, Escondido, CA, U.S.A.;

November 1994-2000—National Treasurer, Institute for Biblical Research;

April 1995—Guest lecturer, Westminster West, Escondido, California;

April 1995—Plenary Speaker, Far West Regional Evangelical Theological Society.

July 1995—Elected to membership of Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas.

November 1996—Co-Coordinator IBR Jesus Studies Project.

April 1997—Consultant, SEARCH Ministries.

May 1998—Evangelical Biblical Seminary Lecturer, Osaka, Japan.

June 1998—Adjunct Professor of New Testament, Southern Theological Seminary.

July 1998, 2000, 2002—Guest Professor (Adjunct Faculty), Seminario Teologico Centro Americano.

November 1998—Elected Vice President, Evangelical Theological Society

1998-2005 Member, Young Life Committee, North Dallas Area

1998-2001— Member, Site Based Decision Manangement Team, Hillcrest High School (2000-2001 Chair, Curriculum sub-committee)

1999— Member Board of the Spiritual Formation Forum

November 1999—Elected President-Elect, Evangelical Theological Society

1999-2005—Executive Committee, Evangelical Theological Society

May 1999, 2000, June 2001, June 2002, June, 2003, June 2005—Adjunct Professor, Talbot Seminary

July 1999—Adjunct Professor, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

February 2000—Elected to Board, Chosen People Ministries

March, 2000– Participant, New Testament Symposium, Southeastern Theological Seminary

April 2000—Special Lectureship- Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

2000-2001—Secretary, Hillcrest Athletic Association

2000– Board Member and Vice Chairman, Agape Leadership Ministries International

November 2000—Elected President, Evangelical Theological Society

2001-2003– Chairman, Site Based Decision Making Committee, Hillcrest High School

2001– Editorial Board, Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus (Sheffield Academic Press)

2001– Board Chairman, Agape Leadership Ministries International

October, 2001– Participant, special Debate on the resurrection with Dr. Marcus Borg, Dr. William Craig, Dr. Daryl Schmidt, University of North Texas

2000-2003– Chair, SACS Self Study Steering Committee, Dallas Theological Seminary

2002— Member, Theological Thinkers Advisee Group on Spiritual Formation for the Discipleship Summit

2002— Chair, Theology Committee of the Board, Chosen People Ministries

Spring, 2003— Guest Lecturer, Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Alabama

Summer, 2003— Adjunct Professor, Lancaster Graduate School of the Bible

Summer, 2003, Winter, Summer, 2004— Speaker, Camp of the Woods, Speculator, NY

Spring, 2005- Guest Lectures, Bengelhaus, Tübingen

May, 2005- Elected Co-Facilitator, Christian Higher Education Group, Transform World 2005 Indonesia

May, 2005- Drafted Macro-Principles, for Transform World 2005 Indonesia

May, 2005- Seminars, European Theologians Annual Meeting, Sopron, Hungary

2005- Consultant translator for Luke-Acts for The Voice.

2005- Lecturer Heritage College, Canada

2006- Guest Lecturer, Cedarville College

2006- Guest Lecturer, Elmhurst College

2006- Guest Lecturer, University of Michigan

2006- Guest Lecturer, Princeton Evangelical Fellowship

2006- Guest Lecturer, Wesleyan College

June, 2006 Guest Lecturer, Beeson Divinity School, Pastor’s Conference

Oct, 2006 Lecturer, Ming Dao Press, Hong Kong

Oct, 2006 Named Editor-at-Large, Christianity Today

Oct, 2006 Plenary Speaker, Transform World India 2006

Feb, 2007 Guest Lecturer, Trinity Western, Langley, BC

Feb, 2007 Plenary Speaker, Northwest Regional, Evangelical Theological Society

March, 2007 Guest Lecturer, Deichmann Lectures, Beersheba, Israel

March, 2007 Plenary Speaker, Midwest Regional, Evangelical Theological Society

April, 2007 Plenary Speaker, Conference on Mark 16, Southeastern Theological Seminary, Wake, Forest, North Carolina.

April, 2007 Guest Lecturer, Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Ala.

July, 2007 Presenter to the Historical Jesus Section, International SBL, Vienna, Austria

August, 2007 Plenary Speaker, Lausanne Conference on Jewish Evangelism, Lake Balaton, Hungary

November, 2007 Annual Bible Lecture, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, Mo.

February, 2008 Annual Bible Lecture, Carver Bible College, Atlanta, Georgia

March, 2008 Guest Lecturer, University of Michigan

March, 2008 Plenary Speaker, Southeast Regional, Evangelical Theological Society

April, 2008 Lecturer, Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action, New Haven, Connecticut

May, 2008 Tour Leader, Insight for Living Israel Tour

July, 2008 Guest Lectureships, Hong Kong and Taiwan

August, 2008 Participant, Lausanne Conference on Jewish Evangelism, Berlin, Germany

September, 2008Lecturer, BAR Seminar, Dallas, Texas

October, 2008 Lecturer, Vernon Grounds Ethics Center, Denver Seminary

October 2008 Delegate, WEA Theological Commission, Bangkok, Thailand

November, 2008 Gheens Lectures, Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

November, 2008 Speaker, Evangelical Free Church North Dakota District, Bismarck, North Dakota

January 2009 Lecturer, DMin Program, India Christian Academy, Bangalore, India

January, 2009 Evangelical Free Minister’s Conference, Indianapolis Indiana

January, 2009 Carter Lectureship, First Evangelical Free Church, Memphis, Tennessee

February, 2009 Lectures, Mississippi, College, Clinton, Mississippi

February, 2009 Lectures and Chapel, Palm Beach Atlantic College, Palm Beach, Florida

March, 2009 Lectureship on Missing Gospels, Jakarta, Indonesia

March, 2009 CPM Lecture on Isaiah 53, Irving, Texas

March, 2009, Evangelical Press Association, Panel on Evangelism

April, 2009 Lectureship, Kings College, New York City

April, 2009 Delegate, Transform World Conference, Houston, Texas

May, 2009 Class Instruction, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary, Amman, Jordan

May, 2009 Consultant, Messiah Jewish Conference, Netanya, Israel

June, 2009 Enoch Group on 2 Enoch, Naples, Italy

June, 2009 Lecture, Berlin Messian Center, Berlin, Germany

July, 2009 Lectures and Teaching, Taipeii, Taiwan

July-August, 2009 Lectures and Teaching in Australia (Sydney [Lausanne Conference on Jewish Evangelism, Interviews with Centre for Public Christianity], Brisbane [Mueller College], Adelaide [Adelaide Bible College], Melbourne {Ridley College])

September, 2009 LA Apologetics Conference, Rich Warren

September, 2009 Delegate, Transform World New York City

October, 2009 Lectures, Evangelical Free Church Great Lakes District, Deerfield, Illinois

October, 2009 America and the Bible Conference, Lincoln, Nebraska

November 2009 Chapel, Beeson Divinity School and Sanford University, Birmingham, Alabama

January, 2010 Reasonable Faith Lecture, Dallas, Texas

January, 2010 Student Ministry, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey

January, 2010 New Staff Training, Young Life, Crooked Creek, Colorado

January 2010 Delegate, Lausanne Capetown Conference, Dallas Texas. Selected as Communications Command Center Director for Global Link Sites for Lausanne Capetown

February, 2010 Hashivenu Conference, Los Angeles, Illinois

February, 2010 Lectures, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

February, 2010 Lecture, Lifeway Publishers, Nashville, Tennessee

February, 2010 Lectures, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, Louisiana

March, 2010 Tour Leader, IFL Israel Tour

March, 2010 Lecture, Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, Bethlehem, Israel

April, 2010 Lecture, Boro Park Symposium 2, New York City

April, 2010 Planning Meeting, Lausanne Capetown, Danver, Colorado




July 1989–August, 1990—Sabbatical Leave for research at the University of Tübingen; to do research for a two volume technical commentary on Luke to be published in 1994 with Baker Book House in the USA; financed by Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas, USA; Hosts: Martin Hengel and Otto Betz–University of Tübingen (This was not a supervised research program).

July, 1995- June, 1996 Alexander von Humboldt Scholar, University of Tübingen.

October, 2004-March 2005 Alexander von Humboldt Scholar, University of Tübingen

November, 2010-January, 2011 Alexander von Humboldt Scholar, University of Tübingen




July 1979–March 1982—Doctoral work at the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK; for doctoral work; personally financed; Supervisor: I. Howard Marshall, University of Aberdeen, Divinity School, 50 College Bounds, Aberdeen AB9 1FX, Scotland, UK.

July 1995–August 1996 —Federal Republic of Germany, (Tübingen University).

September, 2004–August, 2005—(Tübingen University)




May 1987—Senior Class Teaching Excellence Award, non-tenured Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary; Dallas, Texas, USA;

July 1993—Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship, Federal Republic of Germany, (for 1995-96 Tübingen University).

July 1996—Finalist, Gold Medallion Award; Commentaries CBA (Luke 1:1-9:50).

April 1997—Christianity Today 1997 Book Awards (Luke 9:51–24:53)

September 1999—David Edwards Servant Leader Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence.

May, 2004 New York Times Best Seller, hardback non-fiction, Breaking the Da Vinci Code.

August, 2004 Best Seller in Brazil, hardback non-fiction, Quebrando a Covdogi da Vinci.

March, 2005 - Finalist Gold Medallion Award, Theology and Culture, CBA (Breaking the Da Vinci Code)

July, 2005- Retailer's Choice Award in Non-Fiction, CBA (Breaking the Da Vinci Code)

2008- Christianity Today, Annual Book Wards, Honorable Mention in Evangelism, To the Jew First (with Mitch Glaser)

VIII. PUBLICATIONS (By Year and Category)

Periodical Articles:

1. “Evangelicals and the Use of the Old Testament in the New, Parts 1 and 2” Bibliotheca Sacra 142 (1985): 209-23; 306-19. (Reprinted in Rightly Divided: Readings in Biblical Hermeneutics [Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1996]);

2. “Jesus as Lord in Acts and the Gospel Message” Bibliotheca Sacra 143 (1986): 146-54, also translated into Spanish KAIROS 3 (1988): 30-43;

3. “Is Matthew Midrash?” (with Scott Cunningham) Bibliotheca Sacra 144 (1987): 157-80;

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12. “Why I am a Dispensationalist with a Small ‘d,’” JETS 41(1998): 383-96;

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15. “The Purpose-Driven ETS: Where Should We Go? A Look at Jesus Studies and Other Example Cases?” JETS 45 (2002): 3-33.

16. “Jewish Expressions in Mark 14.61-62 and the Authenticity of the Jewish Examination of Jesus,” JSHJ 1 (2003):147-59.

17. "You Make the Call: Are Gender Sensitive Translations Safe or Out?"Bible Translator 56.3 (July, 2005):168-86.


Popular Articles:


1. “Back to the Future” Kindred Spirit Winter 91-92;

2. “Arrogance is Not a Family Value” Christianity Today, Nov. 9, 1992;

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6. Various single page pieces for the Opinion Page, Dallas Morning News, Fall 1997–Spring 1998 and Summer, 2000; (as well as religion reference for writers on that page)

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Major Television or Media Interviews and specials

1. The Search for Jesus Continues, John Ankerberg, 2001.

2. NPR Report on the Middle East, July 2003 (also the same topic on Texas Cable News).

3. Jesus, Mary and da Vinci, ABC News, November, 2003.

4. Various appearances on the Radio Bible Class’ Day of Discovery

5. New Jesus Film, 2003

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24. Interview for Nightline, May 2006

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26 Interview for Anderson Cooper 360 What is a Christian? December, 2006



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27. Rediscovering the Real Lost Gospel: Recovering the Gospel as Good News (Lifeway) (October, 2010)

28. The Messiah with Herb Bateman and Gordon Johnston (Kregel) (November, 2010)


Contribution to a book or dictionary:


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IX. Professional Society Memberships


Evangelical Theological Society, Tyndale Fellowship, Institute for Biblical Research, Society of Biblical Literature, American College of Biblical Theologians, Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, Lausanne Conference on Jewish Evangelism, Enoch Seminar.




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