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One of the pleasures I get in my new role at Dallas is to host podcasts and hear about ministries around the globe. Today I hosted a podcast on human trafficking. It will be released early in the summer but I want to report on it because the time was that significant. 
This is not a pleasant subject but the opportunities exist to do something that truly delivers people out of personal hell. There are three types of trafficking: sexual trafficking, labor trafficking (which is often harder to trace), and forced soldering (something very common in Africa).
The experts on our podcast spoke of the first step being awareness. So I am noting the various key agencies that work in this area and provide information about it.
Two organizations have important Christian involvement: love146 and Exile International.
Their websites are full of information:
In addition, Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times editorial writer, has a site called the half the sky movementt that also works in this area. He has done a great deal of work to  make people more aware of the situation. That site is:
Another important Christian relief organization is World Vision. They also have a program that labors in this area. Its website is:
Finally, the International Justice Mission has a mound of information at a wordlwide level. 
Their website is:
Churches around the country that are looking for ministries that engage the culture and seek to help people in deep need can find some challenging options in this area. Two of our experts are ministering at Irving Bible Church and are helping to equip the church there to step up and create opportunities to address this problem. This is a concrete ministry that meets core human needs. It truly leads into an oppotunity to effect a profound rescue. So check out these sites to see what is possible.


First, everyone should know the phone number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-3737-888 The hotline is run by the Polaris Project ( and they have connections to law enforcement, advocacy groups, and victim service organizations in all 50 states.

PBS aired a 2-part "Half the Sky" video in October. You can view it online at or you can stream it off netflix. You can also see a TED talk from Cheryl WuDunn (Nic Kristoff's co-author on Half the Sky) at

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition exists to promote cooperation and collaboration among groups working to fight human trafficking. They hold a bi-annual 2-day "Freedom Summit" in the bay area, and the 2013 Freedom Summit just occurred this past weekend. Videos from 2009 and 2011 are available on-line, and i expect to see videos from 2013 on the web site soon but they are not there yet.

Brian Wo is the BAATC's Director of Partnerships, and he held a breakout session at the Freedom Summit on "The Church's Response". i would highly recommend you contact him in your research. (

Jim Martin (VP of Church Mobilization for IJM) has a book called "The Just Church". i haven't read it, just saw it in the bookstore. He also held a breakout session at the Freedom Summit.

Another wonderful organizaiton that resues women and children from sexual slavery is Destiny Rescue.  They can be found at

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Thanks to all for the helpful additional agencies and their websites.

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