So What Did You Think? The Bible on the History Channel

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Ok, so I blog regularly and give my opinion on things. Now is your chance. The Bible on the History Channel was seen by 25 plus million last Sunday night. I want to know what you thought. So speak up and let's chat about it. Can doing this kind of thing work in your mind, given that one has to fill in gaps? Let me know.


I liked it! Felt it was very accurate until Joshua and was confused. Would love to discuss other issues with you.

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What was confusing?

I’m surprised more people have not commented on your blog, but then again, this is my first time to your blog although I graduated MACE in 2010 from the Houston extension.  Then again, most students are likely too busy with papers and reading to watch this mini-series so I sympathize with them.  I’m not taking much time to make certain that this response is in the best format and presentation, but I am overall very disappointed with this series (as I am with most children’s Bibles, Bible TV series, and Bible paraphrases).
I am taking this mini-series as a call out to any and all people who want to actually make something that tells the actual story of the Bible.  I am ready and willing to do it, and am quite serious.  I am tired of these kinds of productions.  This mini-series touted itself in Christian circles as being the one that was actually not going to deviate from Scripture, well the Christian circles were rather wrong.  This one was based on the spirit of the Bible, but it is not the Bible.  They did a terrible job sticking to Scripture, a terrible job showing continuity with where we are today and our need of a savior, the foreshadowing and prophecy of His coming, or the historical backing for anything in Scripture.  
I know that they only have 10 hours, but they have used their time to highlight things that are less important and skip the things that are most important.  It is imperative to better explain the fall - the entrance of sin...Noah quickly paid it lip service in this production.  It is important to get to the prophecy in Genesis 3 that start the concept of the seed that will crush the serpent's head.  They paid lip service to the fall of is central to the Gospel.  The destruction of the Earth by flood is a lot less an arbitrary incident if the wickedness is highlighted – this flood seemed arbitrary to me if I take off my Biblical knowledge and watch this as one who has never opened a Bible.  
Here are some of the inaccuracies that really bothered me from the first episode:

  1. Abraham and God had many important conversations that were left out
  2. The scene with the sacrifice of Isaac was pitiful - Abraham was not concerned about it, but knew that Isaac would live because of the promise that God gave (Hebrews 11), and Sarah never showed up in the nick of time to make sure that Abraham didn't kill their son
  3. There was a mutual breaking of Abraham and Lot and never an attempt by Abraham to get Lot to come back to him
  4. Moses knew he was an Israelite his whole life
  5. Moses killed the Egyptian and hid his body in the desert thinking that no one knew about it
  6. Moses married Ziipporah the daughter of Jethro the priest of Midian
  7. The conversation between God and Moses at the burning bush was a very long one with many important things in it that they left out
  8. The angels at Sodom were taken in peacefully by Lot while they waited in the town square for someone to take them in..they weren't pleading for help
  9. The men of Sodom were demanding that Lot open the door so they could rape the 2 men (angels)
  10. Lot had son in laws that refused to leave the town
  11. How on earth can they leave out Jacob and the twelve tribes - especially Judah and the prophecies of Genesis 49...

I could go on further. If they are going to tell the story of the Bible, then it needs to be told in the full context of Scripture without skipping what is most important, and without changing things that are explicitly in the Bible.  They should call this miniseries whatever they want to, but they shouldn't call it the Bible.

My friend on Fb and I were excited and posted that the TV event was coming up. I watched and know she watched, but we haven't posted further.  I decided not to go first as I don't want to be negative about the series on Fb. The theatrics are amazing, but any Sunday School kid can tell you that the Ark didn't leak. Noah never took a walk on the deck either as there wasn't one. I kept cringing and was glad my atheist husband wasn't watching. The History Channel is taking on an amazing project. It journeys through the timeline but adds emotional content that sometimes is more than implied in the Bible. The part where Sarah is realizing they took no lamb was when I turned it off. I hope people become interested in the Bible enough to read it.  It hurts, though, if you know and love the Bible. 

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