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Four New Authors is pleased to announce four new authors.'s mission from the beginning has been to provide quality Biblical content for free. God has a monopoly on these men's lives. As you learn about them, please pray for them, their families, and their ministries. We appreciate their contributions to serve the global church.

Greg Koukl
Koukl is the founder and president of Stand to Reason. Greg started out thinking he was too smart to become a Christian and ended up giving his life for the defense of the Christian faith. 
Greg's teaching has been featured on Focus on the Family radio, he’s been interviewed for CBN and the BBC, he’s debated atheist Michael Shermer on Hugh Hewitt’s national radio show, and did a one-hour national television debate with Deepak Chopra on Lee Strobel's “Faith Under Fire.”  Greg has been quoted in U.S. News & World Report and the L.A. Times. An award-winning writer, Greg is author of Tactics—A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian ConvictionsRelativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air with Francis J. Beckwith, and Precious Unborn Human Persons. Greg has published more than 180 articles and has spoken on nearly 60 university and college campuses both in the U.S. and abroad. He is an adjunct professor in Christian apologetics at Biola University.  He’s hosted his own radio talk show for over 20 years advocating clear-thinking Christianity and defending the Christian worldview.
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Thomas J. Schetelich
Mr. Schetelich is an influential leader in a variety of ministries and preaches regularly in Baltimore, MD. He serves as an elder at Forge Road Bible Chapel in Perry Hall, MD. He is a romantic when it comes to crafting his sermons.
As an attorney with the law firm Ferguson, Schetelich & Ballew, P.A Mr. Schetelich represents many Christians in business and ministry. He is the President of the Christian Professional Network, a leading national organization of Christian businesses, professionals, and ministries. He also serves in leadership roles with Christian Missions in Many Lands, The Maryland Bible Society, The Maryland Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, and The Baltimore School of the Bible among other ministries.
"Behind every great man is a great woman" and Tom is no different. His wife Victoria is a vital asset to the ministries Tom engages in. Some his life's highlights include running marathons and being the Chair of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's Metro Maryland Franklin Graham Festival in 2006. That festival appears to be the final large scale public ministry of Billy Graham.
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Steven J. Cole
Mr. Cole has been in pastoral ministry for over 35 years. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.H., 1976) and currently serves as the pastor at Flagstaff Christian Fellowship in Flagstaff, AZ. As an author he has published articles in a number of publications.
Steven and his wife Marla enjoy time with their children and grandchildren and love hiking outdoors.
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Jeff Horch
Jeff is an Associate Pastor at Clinton Evangelical Free Church in Clinton, Iowa. For those who don't know, Clinton is beautifully huddled on the Mississippi River between Dubuque to the north and Quad Cities to the south. Despite growing up in Dallas, TX he is acclimating to the cooler temperatures well.
Jeff graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a MABS in 2006. His ministry mission is to preach with passion and to lead with purpose for the glory of God. He really has a heart for spurring people on in the Christian faith. His favorite book of the Bible is the Psalms. To access more his content check out his blog.
Jeff is married to Anne, a graduate of Taylor University. Jeff and his wife are parents to four children under three years of age! No twins.
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