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What we can all learn from Jose!

I have the privilege of serving as the Children’s Pastor at my local church that meets at a public middle school.  We pay the school district a great deal of money each month to use their facility.  Part of what we pay for each month is the Janitorial service that is contracted by the School District.  The gentleman that the janitorial service has blessed us with to clean up after us on Sunday mornings is a man named Jose.  Jose is from Central America and is perhaps the hardest working man I’ve ever met.   He works 2 jobs, 17 hour days – 5 days a week and probably another 20 – 24 hours on the weekend doing other work plus be our church's amazing janitor.

The reason I would write a blog about Jose is because I believe we can all learn from him.  Jose is a God-Fearing, humble, respectable man who always has a good attitude.  He walks around with a smile on his face and despite the fact that he works over 100 hours per week he always takes time to read his Bible and Pray.    How does he do it you ask?
Jose believes that God is always good no matter how hard life is and how hard you may have to work.  Jose understands his role in this world as a servant and I believe Jose feels very blessed to have the ability to work.  He thanks God every day for providing for his family. 
So what can we learn from Jose?

To Jose every day is just another day to serve the Lord and I believe he celebrates this honor.  His work is his worship.
"The master said, 'Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let's celebrate together!' Matthew 25:23
I think if Jesus told Jose today to add more responsibilities he would smile and simply say “Ok” and get to work.
100+ hours per week is probably more than what most of us can handle or should for that matter but despite the amount of time working or what job you've been given at this time in your life, thank God for it and feel blessed that you able. 
PS. I forgot to mention that one time I asked Jose if he ever got any rest and he told me that he will rest when he is dead.  Wow!

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