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All Saint's Day and The Cloud of Witnesses

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Doing a Lunchtime Bible Study at Work

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Am I Enough?

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7 Views on the Role of Women w/in the Inerrancy Camp

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What makes you a disciple?

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First Responder

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When a Church Tells a Member, "It's Not OK to be Gay"

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Bloom in the Right Climate

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Texas Pulls Out of Refugee Resettlement: What This Means and Three Things You Can Do

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“Locker-Room Banter”: A Teachable Moment

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Beware—You Are Being Chased

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Ministry 101: Embrace and Place Others

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The Tapeworm Gallery: Freedom

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Resilience - Honoring And Learning From

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How You Handle the Jolie-Pitt Split Actually Matters

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The Tapeworm Gallery: Empty

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On the ESV’s New Rendering of Genesis 3:16 ("Contrary Wives")

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Trust God's Choice in Addressing Your Pain

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It Is Well With My Soul

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Fall Pastels, Ugly Runway Models and Mako Fujimura on the Fight for Beauty