A Touching Story

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I called her “The Bloody Woman in Mark 5” for the longest time. I can think back to my childhood and remember hearing about her in Sunday school. I can even recall when my mind made the connection that her suffering involved bleeding — the vaginal kind. I grossed out and groaned in horror when I realized she suffered for twelve years.

Whenever I read about her today, I still cringe. And I continue to feel sad when I see that she did all she could to make it better…instead it only got worse. Others rejected her since a bleeding woman was considered “unclean.” The last time I read about her, I tried not to focus on her “bloodiness.” Instead, I see a very different woman than before.

“When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, for she kept saying, ‘If only I touch his clothes, I will be healed.’” Mark 5:27-28.

I see her faith.“When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind Him…” She immediately made Jesus her leader. What a clear picture of a believer following Christ!

How many times do I try to get ahead of God’s plan or ignore Him completely? I manipulate people, I pursue what I know leads to quick results and I come up with every excuse to justify my actions. “Hurry up God! I need this to change now. Don’t you care that I’m suffering?”

I see her courage.She knew that if she touched Him, her bleeding would stop. “For she kept saying...” it over and over in her mind knowing others would disapprove, reprimand her and perhaps push her away. She kept at it and made her way through the crowd until she reached Him.

I lack courage. I usually let my fears take over, and I turn my gaze away from Him. The Bible says, “Take heart!” “Have courage!” “Be strong and courageous!” But instead of following His Word, I cowardly hide in my pride.

I see she desperately needs Jesus.She had tried to get better on her own, but instead she got worse. I do the same thing.

Just like her, I try to do life on my own, but I need Jesus. I need to remind myself every day, “If I can just follow and let Him lead, I will not fear.” I need to continue to focus on Him and have Him lead me to still waters (Psalms 23).

I see her beauty, because she’s covered in grace!

Mark writes that she immediately stopped bleeding. Jesus knew what happened and asked who touched Him. The woman “with fear and trembling” came and fell down before Jesus and confessed everything. His response?

“...Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your disease.” Mark 5:34

I don’t suffer from any type of hemorrhaging. However, I bleed worry, impatience, and pride. I lack the courage to wait patiently as God leads me to what I claim as the unknown. Only I’m wrong, ‘cause He knows it all! In the midst of this story I hear God telling me…

“Raquel, have faith, take heart and let go of the things that you have no control over. Let me heal you from your worry, impatience and pride. Follow me. Trust me. You know that running ahead of me only gets you into trouble. Don’t hide behind your pride. Instead, stay where I have put you, find rest in Me and I will give you peace.” 

What “disease” are you fighting on your own today?

Have you considered following the One who is ready to give you peace?

Take a moment and notice the sins that continue to bleed into your life, confess them to the Lord, and pray for the courage to allow the Holy Spirit to change your life today.


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"I bleed worry, impatience, and pride." Wow. Powerful. Thank you, Raquel!

"Don't hide behind your pride." Great counsel, Raquel! Thank you.

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Justvwuat I needed to hear on this morning. I worrtly all the time. Not trusting God, but when I look back on what He has done dlfor me mt God. I need to be like that women with the issue of blood to believe that he will make me whole and complete, and I musylt confessed that yes I had little faith. Glory to God

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Please know that I prayed for you today. And just like you I worry about so many little things. I'm thankful that we can lean on His word to comfort us and that we can hold on to His promises that His love for us will never end. Blessings!

My disease is discontent, depression and worry. I struggle with these often but I keep going to Jesus for help. Like Len, when I look back throught the years on how God has led and been with me, I know it is stupid to worry! Temptations come though, and I have to bring them to God every day.

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