Psalming Through a Dark Night

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Ever had a bad moment? Not too long ago, I did. I completely lost it. I yelled at God after I realized that my life looked nothing like I had planned. So I got down on my knees and prayed. It didn’t take long for me to feel shame. And it didn’t take long for God to lead me to His word, specifically Psalm 20. I have read it before many times, but in that moment, I needed comfort. I paraphrased it, wrote it out and prayed through it. I hope it brings you as much relief as it did me on that very dark night.

Alone? Sad? Perhaps you feel discouraged? Stop and pray! And the Lord will answer you in your sorrow. What? You’ve hit a wall, you’ve crashed and you did the one thing you swore you wouldn’t do again? It’s okay. Let it go. Give it to God.
Do you realize that despite your state of mind God remains at your side? He’s got you. Not only does He protect you, but He also continues to bring you help from heaven to give you the strength you need. Did you hear me? You’ve got heavenly beings surrounding you to safeguard you!
Did you let it go? He already did. The only thing He sees is that the blood of the Lamb has washed you. He only remembers the sacrifices you’ve made in obedience to Him. He loves you and accepts you. He will give you the desires of your heart. See, you didn’t hit a dead-end! Don’t you know that His right hand continues to lead you? You will succeed in this! So open your arms and accept His grace. Let it cover you like only His love can.
So let’s celebrate! Instead of all this sadness and shame, let’s have a parade! Yes, that’s right. We can all shout for joy. For the Lord already brought us victory through Christ. And we have won! It’s done. And soon all our wishes will come true. 
So you see, help surrounds you. You’ve got the answer right there with you and all of what troubles you will work out. Focus on Him and trust in the Lord!
I know that you have seen those who put their trust in money, success and materialistic things. They look all put together don’t they? They have their big houses, their fancy cars and their lives just seem like everything seems fine. You do realize that all of those things that they use to measure themselves will all fade away. And those who put their trust in such superficial things will soon find themselves clinging to something that has no foundation. It’s fluid and it constantly changes from one day to another. Yet, God — He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. So when you put your trust in Him, you will remain standing, firmly planted by streams of living water. Nothing can move you. Not even the thing that has you all twisted up and feeling down.
So you see, you have victory already! Set your standards, your plans and measurements aside — they belong to this world. He’s got you. He is your answer to what troubles you. You’ve got sorrows? Don’t panic! Remember His love for you and through Him you can claim victory! Quit thinking that none of this will work out. Quit letting your imagination take you to darkness. Shift your gaze onto Him. Renew your mind by praying. Let your worries go! Give it to God. He’s got it.

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