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Rx for World Weariness: Peace in the Midst of Terrorism, Turmoil and Election Chaos

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The 3 As: Attention, Affection and Affirmation

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God's Steadfast Love

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Two Different Narratives - Bridging the Racial Divide

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Diversity: Can Any Good Thing Come Out of Nazareth?

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In a Culture of Never Enough, a Culture at War, "Learning" Real Contentment

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Integrity, Words and Social Media: Three Principles

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The Horrible Choice in Dallas

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Where is our Hope?

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The Church's Blind Side: Why Black Lives, Blue Lives, and All Lives Matter

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Fear of Consequences Motivates Obedience (2 Chronicles 29-31)

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The Tapeworm Gallery: And the Oscar Goes To...

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Making Room for Pain

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Complementarians on Women in Ministry: Diverse Images

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The Paradoxes of Christianity

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Finding Christlikeness in Question Marks

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Orlando's Bizarre Coincidence?

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Old Testament Disciplemaking (2 Chronicles 17-20)

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Warm and Fuzzy Feelings do not Equal Faith

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When Storms Come