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Go Back to Where You Had It Last

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Living the Tension of Family & Ministry: One Woman’s Journey

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Gaza, Ukraine, ISIS, Afghanistan, Libya, Honduras...Five Ways To Dispel Dread

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Death or Deny? Do I care?

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Rest Amidst Stress

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"Egalitarian" and "Complementarian": What's the Main Difference?

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Women's Leadership Training to Overcome the "It's MY Ministry" Mentality

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Ditch Worn Out Mentoring Methods

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Longing for Home

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If God is So Good, Why Does He Let Me Hurt?

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Are you OK without your Facebook, twitterfeed, instagram...? A report from the front.

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Why is Prayer so Hard? A Matter of the Heart

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“Act Like Men”: What Does Paul Mean?

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When Did "Good Workers" Get Labeled as "Haters?"

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A Trip to Normandy to Enrich Your Fourth

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Like a Girl

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Remember, Reflect, Resolve

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The Power of an Expert Speaking as a Fellow Traveler: Phillip Johnson

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The Power in “I Promise”

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Learning From Latin "Comentaristas"