30 Feet!

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Last Saturday I loaded up my posse and headed for the amazing wonderland of oversized and bulk packaged domestic goods otherwise known as Sam’s Club.  Actually I prefer Costco but that’s not really the point of the story!!!  While we were at Sam’s we loaded up on all of the free samples, maneuvered our cart like a New York cabbie though the sea of other “club members” and my wife fought off the score of unruly potato chip hoarders that seemed to multiply as she entered that aisle; each purchasing oversized bags of chips that could each feed a small country. 

We leave Sam’s and something struck me that first really got under my skin but then after I got over that I had a thought that spurred what is now this blog.  What was it you ask??? – It was the number of used and empty carts scattered throughout the parking lot.  There had to be at least 2 dozen carts 30 FEET from the little cart corrals that were located THROUGHOUT the parking lot.  30 Feet…that’s it, that’s all anyone would have to go to put their carts up.  Instead, they just left their carts for someone else to do it.

So why won’t people go the extra 30 feet to drop off the cart in the right place?

Inconvenience?  Laziness?  Bad Knee?   - Probably all of these!

As Christians, I have to ask…would you be willing to go 30 Feet to a neighbor’s house to help them if they needed it? Would you go 30 Feet to help a hungry or homeless person? Would you go 30 Feet to share your faith with someone? 

As Church staff would you go 30 Feet to greet a first time visitor? Would you go 30 feet to help a family get their preschooler in the right room?  Would you go 30 feet to pick up the trash on the floor in the main hallway or worship center?

I would hope so in all the scenarios above.  But something tells me that many of just leave the cart where it is and just hope someone else will do it. 

As Christians and as Church staff we are called to go the 30 Feet.   We are called to help our neighbors, feed the hungry and share the Gospel.   In the church, we are called to excellence and the 30 Feet that it takes to welcome a first time guest, help a family or pick up the trash should be done with a smile and sincere gratitude that we get the opportunity to serve the one and only living God!

Scripture tells us that Jesus walked many, many miles in and around the region surrounding Jerusalem to serve His Father.  Jesus walked over 30 Feet to save a dying child, feed 5000 and raise Lazarus from the grave.  Something tells me He made it at least 30 Feet carrying a heavy, wooden, Roman cross on his way to Golgotha before his badly, beaten body couldn’t carry it anymore.  

And this - He did for you and me!  Shouldn’t you be willing to walk just a mere 30 feet for even the least of these

Next time you are at any store where you have a cart.  Please don’t hesitate to walk the 30, 40 or even a hundred feet to put the cart back into the Cart Corral.  It may be inconvenient, it may be hard and it may even hurt but let the cart represent the fact that you are a Christ follower and you are different and you are willing to go the extra mile or 30 feet it takes to represent Him.  

Don’t wait for someone else to do it!


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