5 Things to be Thankful for in 2014

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Have you read the news lately?  The United States is in big trouble and everything from the economy to our schools to our healthcare is falling apart and within in the next couple of years we are basically going to turn in to a ravaged 3rd world country.  I hear and read a lot of doom and gloom in the news and if I let it I would live an unhappy, paranoid and worried life.  Instead I’m making a choice to take an inventory of the blessings in my life and instead of focusing on the world and its problems; I’m focusing on God’s faithfulness that often appears to be hidden underneath the doom and gloom that capture the headlines. 

Here are the Top 5 Things we should be Thankful for in 2014:

1)      God’s Bigger than this World

- He created it, He has a plan for it and His son overcame it – so why worry about it?  God’s got this!!! 

2)      Family and Friends you can count on

- If you are like me you have a crazy family and my friends are all nuts but I love them and I can count on them if I needed them.  God has blessed me indeed!

3)      The Church and its potential

- God has uniquely positioned our churches to be a major hub of our communities now and in the future.  As the fallen world continues to go in decline, the church has the greatest potential to be the last great beacon of hope that it truly is.

4)      We still live in the Greatest Country ever!

- Despite the bleak picture being painted by the media, we who live in the good ol’ USA have been and will continue to be blessed as long as there are people in this country who are righteous, God fearing, prayer warriors lifting up this country to the Lord.  I want to be one of those warriors!

5)      Our Personal Blessings

- I don’t know if you have ever taken an inventory of personal blessings in your life, but you should and if you really look around you will find so many of them it will make your head spin.  It all depends on how your attitude is towards even the smallest blessing.  Jesus blessed and found delight in even the smallest things (John 6:10-14, Matt 19:14). Things like your home, car, the fact that you are in a warm place this winter, clean water, food to eat, a soft bed, etc…little overlooked things that really matter.  If you really dug down, I bet you will find that your blessings inventory is overflowing!

There are so many more things to be thankful for in 2014 and if I were to list them here, this would be the longest blog in history.   Spend this year thanking God continuously! He is the provider of all things and He loves you so dad-gum much that it’s incomprehensible.   Like a truly loving parent, He’s already given you everything He has and He will continue to give you everything you need regardless if you thank Him or not.  Spend time every day and give your honest appreciation for even the smallest things and then share your thankfulness with others.  Thank you God - you are so good!

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