Target Practice Recap!

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This past weekend was very cool for me. I was given the opportunity to preach to the congregation of my church about a subject that I’m very passionate about…the family!  I believe that the family is God’s greatest passion on the earth behind the heart of the individual.

I preached on God First, Spouse Second and Kids Third!  This topic is rather controversial to a lot of people because they believe in alternate priority patterns.

Here’s a recap of the sermon:

The Problem:

-          We are all perfectly imperfect sinners raising our families in a completely dysfunctional world and that’s why we need a Perfectly Perfect Savior with a completely functional plan to raise our families.

The Solution:

-          God First - Matthew 22:36:40, Deuteronomy  6:13:15

o   God should be the Bulls eye of our lives!

-          Spouse Second – 1 Corinthians 11:3, Ephesians 5:21-25, Ephesians 5:3

o   Our Spouse should be the next best thing behind our relationship with God.

o   God’s plan is for Husband and Wife to unite as one with Him in the center of it.

-          Kids ThirdDeuteronomy 5:16, Proverbs 22:6

o   Kids should be welcome editions to the family and not the centerpiece.

o   If you worship your kids they will let you and they make horrible Gods.

o   Your job is to love, nurture, teach, correct, discipline, and prepare them to GO!

How to Practice God First, Spouse Second, Kids Third:

Practicing Making God the Bulls eye:

-          Establish a Relationship with Him,

-          Pray

-          Read His Word – other material that will help you understand better.  

-          Attend church every week and really Worship Him and Thank Him!

-          Serve in the Church

-          Give to the church – time, talent and treasure

-          Attend Bible studies - Attend Men’s and Women’s ministry meetings

-          Attend a Celebrate Life Group

-          Find friends who are in love with God too.

Practicing making your Spouse Second:

-          Date regularly!

-          Communicate with our spouse about everything. 

-          Be unified with your spouse in parenting decisions or for any other decision for that matter.

-          Be intimate with your spouse regularly.

-          Learn each other’s Love Languages.

-          Cherish each other.

Practicing making your Kids Third:

-          Become the primary teacher for your kids spiritual Growth.

-          Limit the number of Extra-Curricular Activities they have.  1-2 limit.

-          Put kids on schedule when they are a baby and when they get older.

-          Have a decent bed time.

-          Don’t let kids sleep with you in your bed!

-          Eat around the dinner table 3 – 6 days a week.

-          Limit their screen time.

-          Feed them healthy foods.

-          Serve with them in the church and outside the church.

-          Lead by example.

-          Know who their friends are.

-          Teach them God First – Spouse Second – Kids Third.

I would love to see life change happen within the families of the community I serve.  I hope this message will help a family or two to consider some changes that I pray will draw them closer to themselves and to God.  

I pray that these families practice aiming at God’s Target and I’m quite sure they will hit the mark!


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