Preparing for Jesus: Lessons from Buddy the Elf

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Tis the season for Holiday movies! As a movie junkie, the overindulgence of classic holiday films is just one of the superficial perks of the season. I mean, it isn’t Christmas unless you’ve watched the Grinch steal Christmas only to discover the true joy in giving through the witness of young Cindy Lou Who. Or shed a tear over the redemption of Charlie Brown’s pathetic tree coupled with the precious retelling of the true Christmas story from Linus. The list goes on and on...but I won’t :D 

Holiday movies, although typically focused on the wrong person, serve as great reminders of certain ethical and moral codes that should accompany this time giving and celebration. As Christians, we know that the giving we celebrate started with God’s Son, the Messiah-Jesus Christ. (Luke 2)
But how often do we fall prey (when it should be pray) to the menial portions of this holiday season? We get overwhelmed and overworked by the temporal obligations; rushing through the holiday and wishing it was over. Even worse, we come to dread it; having been sucked into the frenzy of doing. 
Take a deep let it out. 
So, what’s the answer? Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you the example of...Buddy the Elf. 
Elf (played by Will Ferrell), is an excellent example of pure, innocent, true adoration and respect for Christmas. And, although his adoration is focused on the wrong person, he best depicts the spirit of the season and provides an excellent parallel for how we should respond as Christians. 
Like Buddy the Elf, we as Christians should be:

  1. Enthusiastic about who is to come- Elf yelled at the top of his lungs, teeming with excitement, at the announcement of Santa arrival. “Santa’s coming!”
  2. Diligently preparing for His arrival-Elf stayed up all night to prepare and make sure everything was perfect. He didn’t have help, but he didn’t care. 
  3. Not easily deceived with counterfeits- Elf had spent time with Santa. As he said, “I know him.” So whenthe bogus Santa came in, Elf confronted him, exposed his false identity and warned those around not to trust him. 
  4. Spreading good cheer is vital-He was truly happy and wanted others to be happy too. He used his “gift” (toy making and words of encouragement) to edify others. 
  5. Offering true praise-Although kinda dopey and very off key, Elf wasn’t afraid to sing loudly for all to hear. His praise came from his heart and it was pure. 
  6. Uncompromising on what is true-In an unbelieving world that offered so many counterfeits, Elf never compromised on what he knew to be true. 

The result-people’s lives were changed!!
So Christian, take Christmas back! Refocus on what is truly important and let the enthusiasm of being a child of God come bursting through as you celebrate God’s perfect gift. 
Jesus IS the reason for the season!!
          Jesus has come and is coming again to collect those who know Him!
So prepare for his arrival! Spread the Word! Sing praises and offer words of good cheer!
          Cling to what is true and expose the counterfeits so that all may benefit from the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!
The result-LIVES WILL BE CHANGED!! Your life will be changed :D
“For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6
What is your favorite Christmas movie? What Christmas traditions do you hold dear?

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