Part VI: The Lord of the Scroll - Selah*

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Let us take a moment to pause and reflect on the implications of our story so far.

We will begin with the end in mind. 

Question: What happens to a human today when they die?

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Answer: They will either go to Heaven if they have a covenant (think eternal contract) with God, else they go to Hell due to having a covenant with Satan.

Why? Because all humans (both male and female) conceived with male DNA are born into a Covenant of Death with Satan. A covenant that is legally activated and binding when a person knowingly and willingly commits their first sin (i.e., their first act of rebellion against God). Therefore, all those that have knowingly and willingly committed a sin are destined for Hell unless they can be released from the Covenant of Death and replace that with a covenant of life with God.

Note: Those not able to choose for themselves (e.g., aborted babies, mentally challenged, etc.) never enter into the covenant of death and go to Paradise in Heaven when they die.

Why? Because Adam knowingly and willingly rebelled against God and chose to make a covenant with Satan in the Garden of Eden when he ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and this Covenant of Death was later sealed by the blood of Abel. As a consequence, all born of the DNA of Adam's seed (sperm) will inherit this Covenant of Death. Since Eve was deceived into the rebellion, the DNA in her seed (egg) was not affected, and those born of only the DNA of a female are born free from this Covenant of Death. 

So, how can a person of full mental capability escape this Covenant of Death?

1. Never sin. If upon knowing the difference between right and wrong and never choosing wrong your entire life, then you will never legally receive the inheritance from the Covenant of Death. However, having been born into this Covenant of Death Satan has legal access to you to try and get you to sin (plus any legal rights inherited from sin in prior generations). Also, realize Satan has had thousands of years of practice getting humans to sin. Thinking you can live without sinning is similar to thinking you are going to outsmart a car dealership when you only have purchased a few cars in your lifetime, and they sell cars every day for a living! That is, the odds are stacked against you. In fact, only one human has ever lived without ever sinning - Jesus the Last Adam. However, He did have the advantage of not being conceived with male DNA (recall He was conceived in the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit); therefore, not born into the Covenant of Death just like the first Adam when he was created (i.e., no generational sin rights). If you are reading this article, it is likely too late for this plan as all of us can remember having sinned at least once.

2. Accept the offer of a New Covenant with God the Father through Jesus Christ His unique Son.

Why? Jesus entered into the Death Covenant by choice to take the just punishment for human sin and took the evidence of our guilt (i.e., Adam's original sin and all subsequent sins) to a place that it will never be seen or heard from again. He then made a New Covenant with God the Father for us and sealed it with His on Blood! Therefore, if we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior we legally enter into His death thus freeing us from the Covenant of Death and are born again into the New Covenant! (Colossians 1:13) Do not worry - the New Covenant can not be broken by our sinning because it has been made between God the Father and God the Son - both of whom will never sin.

3. Well, there is no other way. Just wanted to point out that I did not state following other religions or persons would save you from Hell and get you to Heaven. Many other religions try to teach you how to live near perfectly to get to Heaven. The problem is one sin is all it takes to miss Heaven and inherit Hell. So, they are not actually offering a solution to the problem but rather are keeping you from the solution! The solution must be one that undoes what Adam did in the Garden of Eden. This would require a human not born of the DNA of man (i.e., born of a virgin) who would live a sinless life, take our punishment for rebellion, die in our place entering into the Covenant of Death for us, deposit the now paid for evidence of our sin in a place it will never be seen or heard from again (i.e., the Abyss of Hell), come back to life, make an eternal New Covenant with God the Father for us with His righteous blood and then invite us into it.

Well, Jesus is the only one (1) that accomplished that feat! So, you really only have one option - accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. If you have not and desire to then pray a simple prayer such as:

Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for me. I confess that I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I choose to repent (i.e., I choose to turn from my sins and turn towards you). I invite you now to be Lord of every area of my life:

  • Lord of my mind and all my thinking, my beliefs and imagination;
  • Lord of my emotions and all my reactions;
  • Lord of my will and all my decisions;
  • Lord of my body and all its expression;
  • Lord of my family and all my relationships;
  • Lord of my work, my finances, my needs and my possessions;
  • Lord of my spirit and my relationship with you God.

Thank you that your blood was shed that I might be set free from the punishment due for my sin and that my name is written in the Book of Life. Come Lord Jesus, and reign in my life for all of my days. Thank you, Lord, for the promise of your Holy Spirit. Come, Lord, and fill me to overflowing, that your Spirit will empower me day by day to live for you. In Jesus Name, Amen. (2)

If you prayed that prayer from your spiritual heart then - welcome to the family! (Acts 16:31)

To be continued(1)...

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(1) Left click on underlined phrase to open another article in a different tab with more explanation.

*Selah - (Hebrew) pause and give a thoughtful reflection on what has been said.

(2) Prayer by Peter Horrobin of Ellel Ministries (used with permission).


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