A Year of Courage

    Repeated words are words to pay attention to. The past few weeks, the word “courage” has echoed in various forms and contexts.

    From dictionary.com, the definition for courage reads, “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain,etc.”

    Quality and character are key in courage. The definition reminds us that it is a quality or characteristic of our mind and spirit that our actions our based on. Courage is something that can be built up, strengthened and possibly remain quiet until called upon to step forward.

    Where does this courage come from? What is it based on? When do we know the time to be courageous?

    If courage is based solely on my strength and what I have mustered up then it doesn’t last long. If courage is based on my abilities and thinking then it might show up at the wrong times. Yet if courage is based on relationship with God, understanding of who He is, a practice of listening to Him, then courage is strong, it perseveres and discerns the times to step forward. Our quality of mind and spirit depends on our relationship with God. What better place to be built up, grow in quality than in relationship with our Creator, the One who knows what is to come and best knows how to prepare us.

    Our responsibility is to not only obey in those times called to be courageous but to prepare for them. We have no idea what these times might call for but we know Who will prepare us for them.

    We need help to build up courage as well as the strength to step out when God calls. It is also in these times where the encouragement of the body of Christ affirms this bold movement, helps us to take it and is with us as we persevere in courage. We are not alone in the call to courage, whether preparing for the moment or in the moment itself.

    What is your word for the year? Might “courage” be a word for you?