Kelly Arabie

Kelly Arabie most enjoys heart-level conversation and guiding women in soul care. Her desire to study God’s Word and help women apply it to their lives led her and husband Tre to Dallas from their home in Louisiana. She earned a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary and served on staff as both Women’s Ministry Director for Coppell Bible Fellowship and Women’s Ministry Counselor at Insight for Living. Kelly’s experiences of shepherding by godly women have given her a deep desire to see women cared for in the Body of Christ worldwide, especially in cross-generation relationships.


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    Jo Anne

    the hard conversation

    It's about to happen in our family.  Our precious (and beautiful, intelligent) Daughter has been married 4 times, has 3 children and is currently living with a man.  We' ve never condoned but for the children and because we love our Daughter, we have never known the right path to take.  I was reminded, today, of the verse that talks about Jesus (the Gospel) dividing families.  This is very scary and I want my Husband to take the lead.  Love her to pieces but can''t pretend anymore that this is not very, very serious concerning our relationship with her.