Are You Ready to Be a Disciple Maker?

It happens over time. In large and small Bible studies. Women are excited to study God’s Word, but as their knowledge accumulates, the next thing you know they are being snippy about the study questions or whose group they are in or the table decorations.

I’ve seen it happen among godly women in very successful Bible studies—women who love Jesus very much. I think it’s restlessness. I believe Christian women can get stuck in discipleship—the learning that helps them grow as Jesus followers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Bible study. I’ve been involved in some fabulous Bible studies over the years, even writing them and lecturing from my detailed study. Women need to know and understand God’s Word so they can know their God better and His way of approaching life.

But, Jesus told His disciples to go and “make disciples”—make disciples as He did. His disciples took in what they learned from Him and shared it with others, taking others through the process so those could in turn share about Christ with someone else and disciple them. The whole multiplication process Paul describes in 2 Timothy 2:2. Making disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

Through the years, I’ve been in some good Bible teaching churches. A couple have had occasional classes for new believers to get the basics of the faith. But, none have ever offered tools and the push for me to personally disciple a new believer (or a Christian who has never been discipled) to know God, what Christ did for them on the cross, and their identity in Christ.

It seems to be assumed that if someone comes to church or Bible study, they’ll get what they need to know by just participating. But, do they? When a child begins piano lessons, the teacher explains what the lines/notes on the page of music represent, what sharps and flats are, and which notes are meant for the right and left hands—basic music theory.

Yet, for new believers in Christ, we don’t make sure they get the basics in an organized fashion from someone who personally cares about them. And, who is modeling for them how to share their faith and disciple someone else? Enter the “Disciple Making” movement in evangelical Christianity.

At last, something that draws mature Christian women with Bible knowledge like me towards what Jesus had in mind for us all along—intentional living to engage nonbelievers and personally discipling believers (new and growing) both inside and outside the church. Intentional and relational.

Not every Christian woman will become a director, coordinator, or small group leader; but every Christian woman from 15-95 can become a disciple maker. What we need are the tools and encouragement to do so. I’ve been gathering the tools to use and am learning how to encourage others to make disciples who make disciples. As Jesus did. So, if you feel stuck in discipleship as I described in the first paragraph, maybe the Lord is making you restless so you will be drawn to become a disciple maker, too. Let me know, and I’ll share with you about available “Disciple Making” training.

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Melanie Newton

Melanie Newton is the founder of Joyful Walk Ministries, an online ministry that helps women learn to study the Bible for themselves and grow their Bible-teaching skills to lead others on a joyful walk with Jesus. Melanie has written many Bible study guides (available on Bible.org and her website) and presented insightful messages to large groups of women. All of her BIble Studies are available as books on Amazon.com. Melanie is wife to Ron Newton (“Integrity at Work” ministry), loves to be outside in her garden, and enjoys her yearly fix of boiled crawfish.


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    “Disciple Making ” training

    You said to let you know and you would make available "Disciple Making" training.  I am interested in knowing about it. 

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    “Discipleship Making” training

    Ms Newton, I would very much like to have the Discipleship Making training material for the ladies in the church I pastor.

    Thank you,

    Mike Moore

    Morris Chapel Baptist Church

    Morris Chapel, TN

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    Melanie Newton

    Disciple Making Training


    Juanita and Mike,

    Juanita, I'd love to talk with you more about this delightful training. It's so fun to watch Christians get excited about intentionally living to make disciples. I live in Texas.

    Mike, I know someone from Tennessee who would be delighted to come and do the training for your ladies. In fact, it is the woman who developed the Disciple Making Pathway training course.

    Both of you, click on my name which will take you to the link to my website. Send me an email with your contact information. 

    Thanks for responding!


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    Disciple Maker

    Dear Melanie

    Recently I have started to disciple four women in my church. Use to be an elementary school teacher and a private tutor back in my country but has not done anything else. I am not a pastor or have no ministerial degrees in the church but lately have been growing in my faith so much and my desire has been to teach other believers how I have been growing lately. The same things that they are now struggling with their walk with the Lord. We all have the same desire to grow because we love the Lord so much and want to be the brightest light in the dark. We all desire that in the kingdom of Christ that we lift one another down instead of pulling down. We all want to be authentic christians and from this little group, we intend that others may grow as well. 

    A pastor was telling me that in doing so, I would lose my blessings because this might only be for me and not for them. It broke my heart because my desire is that we all grow in faith and teach one another to become authentic christians and therefore, from this to be the greatest light in the dark so that at the same time the unbeliever will see what the Lord has done and want to seek the Lord too. John 14:15 If you love me, keep my commands. (niv)

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    Melanie Newton

    “Making Disciples” is for everyone

    Hello there,

    I am sad that you had that experience with a pastor who should know better. Jesus commanded all of His followers to be disciplemakers. That includes every believer, not just the church leaders. Ephesians 4 describes how we are all to do the work of ministry. There is great blessing in watching others grow in their faith! How could one lose that when doing it! 

    You are being obedient to your Lord Jesus Christ. Keep doing what you are called to do by Him! The principle of being a disciplemaker means you take what is inflowing to you (what you are learning) and let it overflow to others (sharing it with others, teaching them) so they can become a disciple who makes disciples as well. 

    If you need any resources for discipling women, go to http://www.melanienewton.com/DiscipleMakingResources.html. I've been uploading quality resources as I find them, especially those that are easily downloadable for little or no cost. And, I offer DiscipleMaking Pathway training to encourage women to disciple other women. Please email me for more information. I'd love to talk with you more.