Balance - The Word for John Stott (1921-2011)

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John Stott passed away yesterday to join the Lord he so faithfully served. This major leader of evangelicalism for decades was characterized by one word: balance. He was thoroughly committed to the gospel, but also sought to live out the gospel in a way that showed God's love for humanity. That is balance. 

Writer, speaker and preacher, he also helped to encourage a generation of leaders from his home in the UK. He will be missed, but he has left us a wonderful legacy of truth and compassion preached and lived out in an exemplary life. May many follow in his path.


I agree with your remarks about John Stott. While I did not always agree with him, we need more like him.

Since you have an ear to all things biblical and know Europe, who do you see as the leading biblical scholars in England and on the continent? Who took the baton from Stott's generation?


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Not sure there is another one like Stott today who is more lay oriented. There is some fine work being done here by Simon Gathercole, Pete Williams and Michael Bird (who has gone to Australia). John Dickson is also an Aussie. Some of Richard Bauckham's stuff is important as well.

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