Cultural Engagement Conference Coming to DTS

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I am back from Australia and New Zealand. The semester is a few weeks away and events will come fast and furious at the start of the semester. At the top of the list is a Conference that the Seminary's Center for Christian Leadership is hosting on September 17.

It is entitled Recovering Our Creative Calling. Andy Crouch is a well known author on the topic of culture, having written the instructive book, Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling. The conference will develop themes of that book.

He will lead a day of reflection on how best to engage and contribute to culture. This promises to be a significant event. I will be interviewing him at the conclusion of the conference as we consider how best to reflect the creative capabilities God designed us to possess. 

Information on the event can be found at:

It should be a challenging time. Here is a summary of what it hopes to address:

Recovering our Creative Calling with Andy Crouch

How can Christians be agents of cultural renewal? How can we move from being merely consumers or critics of culture to creators of it? This interactive workshop will help Christian leaders rethink our postures towards the world around us—not just the culture of our society, but the culture of our own neighborhoods and churches—and learn to live transformational lives in that world.

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