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The Table podcast starts a special three week series on life in an Islamic context interviewing three people who grew up in Muslim contexts and came to Christian faith. Fikret Bocek became a believer while living in Turkey and now is a pastor there. He presided over the funeral of three missionaries martyred in Turkey a few years ago and also has experienced persecution for his faith. He discusses all of this the next two weeks. 
Our other interview alongside Fikret involves someone we call "Anna" to protect her identity. She grew up in a mixed marriage where her father was Muslim and her mother was a Christian. She attended Muslim schools growing up but became a Christian by choice. 
Both discuss Islam and their experience in an Islamic context. They also relate how they came to faith and how those around them reacted. I think it is a fascinating conversation. 
In two weeks we will interview "Miriam," another woman whose identity we protect. She came to faith while studying in the USA. She will discuss her experience as well. 
Do give these podcasts a listen and pass the word about them to others.
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I am a new blogger to this site. I read the article regarding creation. I find it disturbing for a believer in the inspiration of the Scriptures would also believe in an old age of the earth. Are we to fit Genesis into the pseudo science of an old age earth 'theory' or are we to fit science into the Genesis account?

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