Middle East Trip

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Just back from Jordan and Israel. I spent two weeks in Amman and a few days in Jerusalem. Of course, the talk is about what has happened in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East. The events in Libya were unexpected and welcome.

It is too early to tell what is going to emerge, but the believers in Jordan were hopeful that there is a chance for religious freedom that would really change the way things work there. A story was told about Egypt  and materials getting in that had been blocked before because we are "free" now. Israel is rightfully nervous, but watching everything very closely. In addition, things in Jordan seem relatively calm, as the king and his family are popular there. Political changes were already made and more might come, but a full change there seems quite unlikely. 

As I said, it is early days yet. So we watch, pray and hope for the best. My thanks to those in the Middle East willing to share their hopes and prayers. Pray for them. Their desire is to be faithful in a difficult context.

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