Review of Covenant through Kingdom

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I have posted a review of an important book, Covenant through Kingdom at the Gospel Coaltion website. The URL is:

I am enjoying the comments that think that Greg Beale's approach to things in arguing the new heavens and earth precludes the need for physical Israel answers the questions I raise in the review. Simply put, they do not. The point of my review was to show that even in the NT texts abotut the future, a role for Israel is being affirmed without her being redefined into something else. I also make the point that a new heavens and new earth which is what Beale holds to alone does not EXCLUDE the idea of an intermediate kingdom for some elements of fulfillment. Beale never addresses that issue directly in what he presents about the New Temple. His thick biblical theology mostly punts on Romans 9-11. In other words, one can see the hope for a new heavens and earth as Beale does (and I do) and yet still hold to a future for physical Israel. It is that option my review points to and defends as reflective of full NT hope.


Hey brother,

Thanks for the review! Very interesting, and it leaves a lot to think about. Any suggestions for a book that approaches the territory in which you find yourself?

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Two recs:


Progressive Dispensationalism by Craig Blaising and me


The Case for Progressive Dispensationalism, Robert Saucy.

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