Sydney, Part 2

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My second week in Sydney came to an end yesterday. The week was full of highlights. I spoke for a day full of events each at both Moore College (last Thursday) and Sydney Missionary and Bible College (Yesterday).

There were two addresses to teachers in Anglican secondary schools including the Armitage Lecture on how to provide a Christian spiritual environment in their secondary private schools (Junior High and High schools). There was speaking at St Banabasin particualr  (also known as Barney's), an Anglican church in Sydney. The synod in Sydney is conservative theologically. They were great hosts and the lecture was well received, yielding an invitation to return and help implement in a consultation role what was argued for in the lecture.

My primary host was the Centre for Public Christianity, as I taped for them several short responses to various issues. They also arranged a 30 minute interview for a national radio show called Open House on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) as well as with the Eternity newspaper here.  The radio show airs this coming Sunday. I lectured on the Historical Jesus for them to a crowd of 200, a large crowd for a week night Christian event here.

The conversations here have revealed a community longing to have more impact and wrestling with how to get there. There is a passion to faithfully represent Jesus as a minority with an answer to the world's needs. It has been refreshing and challenging to address this context. Our heart has been moved. We shall be praying for the folks here and their labor in seeking to serve God well.

Now it is on to the final leg of the trip in Melbourne and a full week of events here.

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