Thoughts on Predicting the End

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Well, tomorrow is supposed to be the day according to Harold Camping. We will see. If the Lord comes, I will be in Hungary at the meeting of European Theologians. I have had numerous media contacts about this prediction, more than on any topic in some time. Here is some of what I told them.

My wife may have had the best comment. If Jesus did not know the day or time (Mark 13:32), Camping likely does not. Not many theologians take Camping's prediction seriously. Why? Because Scripture does tell us to be ready anytime for His return, but is clear we are not to try and figure this out.

Take, for example, when the disciples asked this question about whether this was the time the kingdom was to be restored to Israel in Acts 1:6. Jesus told them this was fixed in the authority of God and he did not tell them anything to help them get an answer. I take it that means we are not to try and figure it out. In the meantime, we have a calling to perform. Acts 1:8 speaks about taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. So I take it that we need to give our energy to that task until He returns. Bringing people back into connection with God is a topic worth engaging in. My own thinking is that if we in the church gave the same energy to sharing the gospel that some give to trying to sort out the timing of the end, a lot more people might come to appreciate what God's grace is all about. So let's see what happens tomorrow and then get about the task God really desires we pursue.

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