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First let me say I DO NOT believe Jesus was married, but what is not being said is that had He been, it would have been some kind of blight on His character rendering Him unfit to be our savior. I offer a few thing we should remember:

1. Marriage is an honorable institution created by God BEFORE the fall of mankind into sin.

2. Jesus, the man, the 2nd / the last Adam, had as much right to a wife as the 1st Adam.

3. If Jesus, the man, did not appreciate the beauty of the opposite sex, then He was less a man than I am and therefore less than the perfect man we needed for a savior. By the way, the Son of God was there in the beginning when Eve was created for Adam.

4. Jesus would have been perfect (and was) in any human relationship He was involved in. He was the perfect son, brother, cousin, friend and would have been a perfect husband and yes, the perfect father had He married and had children.

5. I do think had He been married, it would go a long way in explaining why He appeared to Mary first after His resurrection since it will be His bride that will see Him first when He returns.

6. It is just hard for us, in our fallen state, to think of the relationship--attraction between a man and a woman without all of the lustful and sinful thoughts of our fallen nature coming into play. There have only been two men able to accomplish this; the 1st Adam (before the fall) and the last Adam, Jesus Christ.

Not that He was, but Jesus could have been married and stil be my savior.

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