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Be radical in 2013

Radical is defined as someone who advocates significant and often extreme change. I'm challenging you to be radical this year, not in the sense that you rebel against authority, or become extremist in your thinking and actions, or ditch a wise graciousness, but in the sense that you are more sold out to Jesus, more willing to take a risk, more generous with your resources, and more open to significant and extreme change in your life. The times call for you to shed your timidity, face your fears, and get out there for Jesus in a big way. Why? Because the world is in chaos, people are desperate for Jesus, and your days are numbered.

      She was born into a home that did not welcome children. She was born to an angry woman, hostile to God, hostile to people. Her physical needs were met, but emotionally and spiritually she was deprived. Strong willed, this little girl began to take on the same characteristics as her mother. She became angry, rebellious, wounded, fearful, foolish, and self-absorbed. As she grew older, she acted out those feelings with reckless, destructive behavior. Had she continued, her two daughters might well have repeated the same cycle, But, praise God, a radical woman intervened.
     A woman who lived down the block invited her to a women’s Bible study where a group of  godly radical women surrounded her with the love of Jesus. They had learned to live passionately for Jesus, and they welcomed her into their fold. And so one life headed for destruction was redeemed and turned around. That little girl was me. I imagine many of you can relate to my story. God used radical women to change my life!
     Today, I join Jesus in imploring you to be part of  the change process in other women’s lives. Get women in the Word. Help women overcome destructive habits. Show them what it means to truly live for Jesus. Evaluate your life and downsize your stuff so you have time for what really matters. Put down your gadgets and screens enough to engage with people, in depth. Use technology but be sure you put it in its place.  
     I’m not talking about planning programs or creating four color brochures, although that might be part of the process. I’m talking about radically transforming the lives of women for the glory of God. I’m talking about influencing generations of women who in turn influence the men they love, who in turn influence families, who in turn influence the communities and churches where they live and serve.  
   Stop making excuses. You are not a small person. You have the Spirit of Almighty God within you and resurrection power to embolden you. Stop wasting your God-given resources on small things. Be the radical woman Jesus wants you to be. Your radicalness will look different from mine, but however it looks, be that radical women. Shake others up with your amazing love, turn others around with your surprising benevolence, partner with God in ripping people from Satan’s destructive path and let the Lord use you to put them on a new path.
       I’m eternally grateful that the women who surrounded me in my early years were radical. They challenged me to significant and extreme change. They were not content to leave me wallowing in my foolishness or selfishness or fear. They challenged me to release my anger and exchange it for forgiveness. They incited me to learn God’s Word and lay down my life for others. They kindled a desire to get serious training and to never stop learning. They convinced me that we were all created to serve God in a BIG way. I'm passing on their passion. What radical dream has Jesus planted in your heart? 2013 is the year to go for it. Be that woman who rouses others out of their slumber and awakens them to new life in Christ. Jesus will get the glory but you'll find yourself alive in the joy of spending your life on something that really counts now and for eternity. What's stopping you? Be radical in 2013. 

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