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Important Dallas Conferences on NT Reliability in April

Dallas is going to be a hot bed for conferences on the reliability of the New Testament in April. Two distinct conferences are to be held in back to back weeks. I will be speaking at both of them. They both will be useful and complement each other.
The first is hosted by my colleague, Dan Wallace.
Information can be found at:
Speakers are Dan Wallace, Gary Habermas, Craig Evans, and myself. The conference title is: Sketics and the Savior: Did the Word really Become Flesh? Topics include Did Constantine invent Christianity?/Recording before There was Recording/The Dead Sea Scrolls and Christology/The Resurrection
Dates are April 12-13 at the Hope Center in Plano.
The second is the first Table Conference for Cultural Engagement from the Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement. I am the host. The topic is "Presenting God to Those who see Christianity Differently." The goal is to discuss how to discuss the faith with those who have questions about the New Testament. Topics include How a Skeptic Came to Faith/Oral Culture, Miracles and Key Events in the Gospels and Life of Jesus/Are the Authors of the New Testament who the Church Says They Are?/Reliability of the New Testament/Is Orthodoxy a Late Creation or Does it Go back to Jesus?/What about the Canon: How Did Books Make It into the New Testament?
Dates are April 19-20 at Bent Tree Fellowship in Carrollton.
Information can be found at:
The titles show how the conferences differ. If you want the latest and some of the best of information on the New Testament plan to attend both events.

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