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Peter L. Smith's picture Serves in Africa: Update on Eldoret, Kenya is currently serving alongside graduates of Global Proclamation Academy for two pastors conferences in Kenya.
Reports earlier in the week communicated that there were so many pastors signing up to attend both conferences that, regretably, some had to be turned away. The size of the conference room restricted the number of people who could attend.
The first pastor's conference was held in Eldoret, Kenya on April 10th. The first dispatch rings positive.
From Michael,
Today was the first conference. 120 pastors were there. I can't even begin to tell you how well received the conference was. By lunch time pastor after pastor came up to me telling me how much it was affecting their lives. A few "bishops" told me how much they were reminded of the basics of Christianity that they had forgotten. Another senior pastor told me how impactful the conference was to him and how I was able to put such Biblical concepts in to such simple and easy to understand terms.
As we were leaving the conference one of the attendees sent a text message to the hosting pastor that said, "The teachings in the conference are the best I have heard as of late. Tell Brother Michael Garrett we are grateful and thank God for him."
20 minutes after we left the conference the hosting pastor received another text from a man over 800 miles away. He said he just heard about the M1 conference and heard it was amazing. He wanted to know when there would be a conference near him.
It is very humbling to see God at work in this event.
Please continue to pray for the church leaders who were in attendance and for the upcoming conference in Kijabe, Kenya.
Again, if you'd like to intentionally partner to help support these conferences please go here to learn more.
Here are some photos from the conference:




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