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Fish Trap Road

There is a road in the area that I live in called Fish Trap road.  It’s considered a “back road”  by most of the people in the area since it parallels the main HWY that connects this community with the rest of the world.  Fish Trap is not a very long road but it’s really handy since it only has stop signs instead of lights. Most people however avoid it because it’s really rough and not well taken care of. If you are an auto alignment shop in the area, Fish Trap road is your biggest customer maker.  No car goes unscathed by using Fish Trap! 


As I was driving on it the other day and my alignment was being knocked out of whack, I was thinking how much Fish Trap reminds me of life in general.  I mean after all don't we often use roads or paths as a metaphor for life?  It’s something we can all relate to.  


So how does Fish Trap Road compare to life you ask?  Well there’s….

  1. It’s not as long as you think -  Like Fish Trap Road, Life seems long but it’s really not and we’re not promised another mile. <-There I go being metaphorical. 
  2. It definitely has some curves and ups and downs - Life, like Fish Trap is not a straight and flat road, it’s windy at times and is high in some places and low in others.  If it were straight and flat it would be boring!  Curves and ups and downs make life interesting!
  3. It’s bumpy in some places, smooth in places and dang near impassible in some areas Have you ever had a season of life that was smooth that abruptly hit a bumpy season or even a season that you didn’t think you were going to make it through?  Yeah, me too!
  4. It doesn't get the attention it really needs - We can probably say that about many things in our lives.  Things like our health, our home life, our careers, our walk with God, our relationship with our kids and spouse, and things that fulfill us.  They all need attention but it’s hard to find the time and resources to make it happen.
  5. It’s not finished yet - This is the light at the end of the tunnel.  Although Fish Trap is a mess in some areas and like new in others, everyone knows that someday it’s going to be finished out to be a great road.   We are all like that with God; although we are all a mess in some areas in our lives and good in others, God is not done with us yet.  He's got great plans to finish us out and make us great…metaphorically speaking…again! 

Thanks for letting me talk about a dumb old road today.  Hope all your roads are smooth and straight! 


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