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Why, God?

Today I'm happy to feature guest blogger Laura Murray. Laura is a pastor, mom, wife, writer, speaker, baker, and lover of mountains, sleep, and early mornings.


It is a question that accompanies our pain and suffering. We believe its answer will satisfy. We believe knowledge will bring salve to our wounds, and understanding the hidden purposes will be sufficient for our pain.

Yet answers to “why?” fall short, and knowledge does not heal our pain. Indeed, every answer falls short of healing our pain. Our “whys” are often met with a deafening silence, and we are left to wonder if anyone sees, hears or knows. Are we alone?

If humans do not have the answer, we reason that maybe God does. But often, again . . . silence. In the moment of infliction, silence. In the repetition of the pain, silence.

We yell for God to wake up, and it feels as if he has stayed in bed. We need God to show up, and it seems as if he has stood us up. We feel alone.

And in the pain of the silence, we shut down. We’re done. “God failed to show up, why trust him again?” we tell ourselves. “He did not take care of us, so we will take care of ourselves.”

Yet deep down, our hearts long for healing, and our quiet hope is that God will chase us, pick us up, and hold us.

And in the quietness of his arms, we whisper, “Why? Why, God? Why did you not stop this from happening? Why did you not respond to my cries?”

Yet if in all our “whys,” we courageously let him hold us, we somehow begin to heal and believe his presence has power.

Healing is not found in the answers to “why?” but in the person who meets us in our “whys?” It is found in Jesus, who is familiar with the question “why?” He asked “why?” while suffering, in silence and seeming abandonment (Matt. 27:32–46).

So go ahead and ask the “why?” question. Ask away. Talk to Jesus about it. He gets it. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you courage to approach God the Father and sit with him in the “why?” Let him hold you.

Press into the presence of God, and find his strong grip holding and healing you.



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