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Contributing Writers

We learn so much by reading a biography. A few years ago, the biography of Andre Agassi came out. I loved reading his story. His story told me a lot about who he was and now is and who he was not. His biography helped me understand his identity, his beginnings and his struggles. It told me about his hopes, dreams and expectations. His biography gave me a picture into the person of Andre Agassi.

In Isaiah 42 we are given a biography of a Servant, of Jesus. We read about his identity being rooted in the delight of God, his call, empowerment, dependence and righteousness. We read about his character which is humble, quiet, just, does not exploit, suffers with those who are discouraged and without hope and persevering. We also read about Jesus’ call to establish justice on earth, making right was is wrong, complete healing, restoration, conviction of the guilty, bringing light to those in spiritual darkness.

Reading the biography in Isaiah 42, I would love for us to consider the Author of this biography, the Author of our biographies.

God Himself is the Author, Creator of all things and the only one with the authority to claim authorship. God is the author but He isn’t the only writer. God laid out the call and Jesus had to live out the call.

God is also the author of our biographies. He is the author and we are also contributing writers. God has laid out a call for us and we get to live it out. We do not live life as robots, merely responding to orders but mysteriously the authorship of God and our writing, living life, weave together to form our story. This is part of His greater story and is to bring Him glory and honor.

As you consider your biography …

… is your identity based in the deep affections of God?

… is your character a reflection of Jesus?

… is your call one that brings light to dark places?

Personally, the character of Jesus is what convicts and challenges me most. A natural morning person, I get projects and tasks on my mind from the get-to and I do not like people getting in my way. My daughter needs a hug … we’ll I’m too busy. My husband needs to ask me a question … it needs to wait. A friend needs to be listened to and I am too intent on my goals to stop. I push others aside because I have an agenda and a task to complete and I sometimes don’t care who gets hurt or neglected.

As you consider your biography, how does it currently read? What chapters have yet to be written? Are there portions that need editing? What will our biographies tell of our identity, character and call?

God’s authorship and our participation mysteriously weave together to write a beautiful story. How will your story read?

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  • anouschka

    write my biography

    thanxxx for your article

    It inspired me to start writing my own biography

    offcourse always inspired by my master Jesus the all mighty

    hope to read more of you