Do you want to get well?

If you get a free moment, read John Chapter 5 sometime today.

If you get a free moment, read John Chapter 5 sometime today.

In John Chapter 5, Jesus speaks to a man who was sitting at a pool called Bethesda. The man had been an invalid for 38 years and was waiting beside that pool along with many other people who had very serious health problems. It was the belief of the people that an angel came to stir the water in the pool and the first person who went into the water after it was stirred would be healed.

Jesus approached the man and asked him, “Do you want to get well?” To many people, I imagine that would seem like a silly question. We assume that the mere fact that he was waiting for a miraculous healing at the pool would indicate that he wanted to be healed. We assume that anyone who had been unable to walk for 38 years would want to get well, but sometimes that assumption is incorrect. In fact, there were probably plenty of people at Bethesda who didn’t want to get well. If they were healthy, they would be expected to work and contribute to the needs of others. But in their current state, they were the beneficiaries of the charity and good will of others. In all likelihood, there were some who were content to milk the kindness of others for as long as they could without finding a way to contribute as well.

As we read further into the chapter, it becomes clear that Jesus was trying to illustrate deeper, spiritual truths to this man. Jesus healed him and then encouraged him not to go back to the life of sin he once lead. He had been made physically well by the merciful hand of God, but the greater issue was his spiritual health. Jesus encouraged this man to begin walking with the Lord, by faith. He specifically told the man to, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” The time for sitting around on a cushion was over. It was time to get up and do something with the gifts and blessings God had given.

I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy. He gave me the gift of salvation the moment I trusted in Him. Yet even though He blessed me with new life and the privilege of walking with Him, there have been so many times that I must admit that I have run away from Him. The challenge Jesus gave to this man wasn’t just a challenge to him, but also a challenge to me and to you. If Jesus was made you well, don’t return to the mess He plucked you out of. Don’t just sit around on a cushion if you’ve been given the ability to walk. Walk in the newness of life that comes to all who will trust in Jesus.



  • badgertale

    Wisdom is Hard to Avoid

    I appreciate your comments and I am most humbled to have stumbled upon your article (stumble?). I really believe the Lord spoke to me through it and I must admit that it hit me between the eyes. Wisdom is often hard to avoid when the Lord wants to you "get it" but sometimes it is hard to take. I truly recognize the wisdom in your article as speaking directly to me. Thanks

  • h0683090


    I am from China, I see many poor people. I am sad because I cannot help them. Yes, I should not assume they want to get well. But I hope they do… Thank you so much for sharing.