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Does Truth Matter Anymore?

Recently, I discussed with friends how much we observe that the truth doesn’t seem to matter anymore. We witness this in almost every aspect of life: politics, society, even the church, and sadly sometimes among our friends. Lying has never been so popular, it seems. All of us find our lives affected by the lack of truth. But the question is, how much do we care?

Integrity and honesty used to be character qualities we looked for among our leadership and those we admire. Now, even if we’re still looking, it’s become much harder to find. 

Last month, number one golfer, Scottie Scheffler, had all charges dropped against him from his arrest in Louisville during the PGA Championship. Jim Denison wrote in the Denison Forum, “I don’t know anyone who was hoping Mr. Scheffler would be convicted. His character as a devout Christian is exemplary and one key to his popularity. By contrast, 56 percent of Americans believe Mr. Trump is guilty of a crime in the New York City case.”

Proverbs 19:9 states, “A false witness will not go unpunished, and the one who spouts out lies will perish.” Those sound-like strong words to me. Words that Ananias and Sapphira should have believed. Instead, they allowed Satan to fill their hearts and lie against the Holy Spirit, resulting in their death. (Acts 5:1-11).

Clearly, God takes seriously how we allow the author of lies, Satan, to influence our lives and sin against the Holy Spirit within us.

Perhaps our needs have become more important than truth. For example, we need friends. Friends we connect with who share similar beliefs. Our desire for connection may cause us to compromise what is true over what is popular.

Why? Sometimes it’s simply because of our human nature. We’re far more comfortable in this life when we agree with our friends. Regardless of if they are right or wrong. Truth suddenly becomes less important than coherence with our allies.

Conspiracy theories often generate from the need to identify with something. Something that makes us feel we have more insight or knowledge about a subject than others.

There’s danger, though, when our identity becomes more important than truth. That’s when we become as guilty and vulnerable to distorting reality as those we disagree with. Truth must stand by itself when necessary. Don’t look for truth by following the crowd or the majority. Truth is searchable, not hearsay, and often not popular. 

What happens when your friends decide to go a different direction than you? When you find you are alone, standing for what is true. Usually, there’s a price you must pay. No matter what others may think, say, or act upon, don’t sacrifice truth for a lie.

These few common untruths are ones we hear continually in our world today.

Untruth: All beliefs or roads lead to God. Your God does not differ from my God.

Truth: There is only one God. The road to God is still narrow, not wide. (Matthew 7:13)

Untruth: The universe gives us everything we need. Trust the universe. Worship the universe.

Truth: The Creator of the universe gives us everything we need. Trust in the Creator. “They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped and served the creation rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.” (Romans 1:25).

Untruth: All truth is subjective. My truth is my truth, your truth is your truth.

Truth: The Bible presents objective truth claims. If true, they are true for everyone, always. Our Christian convictions are therefore not “our truth” because others can examine them rationally. The events of the gospel are historical, available for scrutiny like any other historical claim.

How did you come to know Christ? Likely because someone believed solely in the truth of Christ and shared that truth with you.

Just before he began his ministry, Jesus went out into the desert. Satan tempted him three times. And each time, he responded with scriptural truth. (Matthew 4:1-11) Though the truth did not change Satan’s life. Truth doesn’t depend on our ability to convince others of what is true. It depends upon living lives based on truth and reality. Something we cannot achieve outside the realm of biblical truth, understanding, and the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

We can’t drown out the lying voices. But we can raise our own for those still eager to hear the truth. We have one job: live truth and teach truth, always under the umbrella of God’s love. God will take care of everything else.

Are you doing that?

Nancy Mackensen grew up in southern California and remains a forever lover of sand and ocean. A born daydreamer who one day found herself ruined for Christ. Nancy relishes quiet moments exploring all she can know of God. His Word being the catalyst for her life and work.

Her broad service in Christian ministry includes writing, teaching, women’s ministries, various leadership roles, short-term missions, and evangelism. Nancy holds a Master of Biblical and Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Nancy writes to convince women and men to become obedient followers of Christ, living transformed lives that will transform the lives of others. She’s the author of one book, Your Story His Glory, an East African discipleship book.

Nancy enjoys freelance writing, speaking opportunities, working on the next book, or creating new blogs for her website, At day’s end, she’s eager to relax and enjoy time with her husband, Russ. They live in Dallas, have two married children, and four amazing grandkids.

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