Break Dancing?

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Diapers, late nights, early mornings, sleep deprivation…all reminders of what I called my “season of little feet.” I recall the awesome sense of responsibility that invaded my previously self-centered world when I brought my daughter home from the hospital.   A little life now fully dependent upon me, it was overwhelming.   It felt as though life’s rhythm accelerated to high speed, break dancing?  Often I longed for a good nights sleep and some adult conversation.  (Wish we’d had blogging in those days!)That need for conversation motivated me to seek out bible studies, where I enjoyed adult conversation centered on the scripture.  I discovered not only rich friendships, but also from the truths we studied I found support and instruction. There were welcome insights regarding my new parenting responsibilities. Other young moms and older women encouraged me with practical advice and loving encouragement.  As my daughter developed and grew I was amazed at how my understanding of God’s loving parenting deepened.  When my little girl obeyed, I felt such joy. When she stomped her little feet with a determined “no,” in my frustration I could sense God’s heart at my stubborn “no” as well.  My love and appreciation of my heavenly father deepened.Now, as I reflect, I am amazed at how quickly that season elapsed. Soon I was walking away from our neighborhood kindergarten and those little feet left in the care of a smiling teacher.The rhythm of life shifted again. Thankfully, those friendships and the lessons from the bible supported me in this transition as well.  That experience demonstrated three constants important in any season, God’s presence, His word, and relationships with His family.   Those three priorities protect and provide support each season of life when the rhythm changes as it will. 

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