Resolutions made easy!

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Always intended to read the bible through in a year?  It’s still early in 2009 and makes it 21st century easy! Have you discovered that every day on the home page there’s a link to a daily portion of the Net Bible available which will take you through the entire scripture in a year.   Here’s the link: check it out and bookmark it for easy access daily.

This method not only provides the reading portion, but with all the links available you can research those nagging questions that pop up as you read unfamiliar portions.  It is easy to fall into the habit of reading only certain sections of the scripture and miss the overarching story of God’s redemptive love and righteousness repeated over and over in what Scott McKnight calls “wiki stories” in his new book, The Blue Parakeet.  Reading Sunday’s portion (Duet. 20:1-22:30) concerning Israel’s laws concerning virgins, sex and holiness reminds me how far we’ve come as a culture from a commitment to purity.  Read about the severe consequences for sexual sin and see if you don’t agree.

I enjoy discovering consistent revelations of God’s character and heart as He seeks those who will worship Him in “spirit and in truth.”Reading the scripture thoughtfully provides me with a clear standard by which to evaluate my focus and actions daily in a culture racing away from God. Now it is as easy as a click of your mouse. 

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