Why Tapestry?

Tapestry began as women came together to discuss sharing ministry ideas and resources on the Internet, particularly through bible.org. We came to realize that it would be profitable to discuss these issues with women serving God in various ministries throughout the world.

Thus, the blog.

Tapestry: A Christian Women's Collective brings together leading writers, speakers, and thinkers to dialogue theologically, biblically, and culturally with women in ministry about the issues these individual women face and the broader issues of the culture in which these women minister.*

It's designed to interact with women in ministry, including but
not limited to academia, women's ministry, missions, children's
ministry, community ministries, worship ministries, equipping
ministries, parachurch work and ministries within local bodies. It is
for all women who engage with Christ and with the culture around them.

We have different passions, ministries, and experiences. We attend different churches and denominations. We fall on different places on the continuum of egalitarian and complementarian. We read different books, see different movies. We order our drinks differently at Starbucks.

But we all love God and his people. We have the same desire to see him glorified, to see his creation restored and his people redeemed. We look forward to the resurrection, and we rely on the victory of Jesus Christ.

The posts on Tapestry will include conversations ranging from skills (such as communicating with men on church and parachurch staffs, teaching Bible studies, and the art of storytelling) to discussions on theological issues (such as the role of women in the church, the nature of community, and the place of beauty and truth in worship) to practical issues (such as balancing ministry, family, and friends).

We look forward to the discussion of Christ and culture with you. To learn more about our authors, click here. You can also learn more about bible.org, the organization sponsoring this effort.


*Of course, we welcome the voice of men as together we are involved in the work of God's kingdom.

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