Cleaning Out

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Our latest house project has caused us to do a lot of cleaning, which began with the simple need to empty some drawers and cabinets for painting. Then, we had to deal with dust and debris throughout the house from tearing out a tub and shower tile. Cleaning one area led to organizing it, which affected a related area that needed cleaning and/or organizing. 


Frankly, it’s overwhelming because the whole process of doing what seemed like a small renovation led to cleaning out areas long neglected. Instead of getting cleaner, the house was getting worse as day by day we took more stuff out of hiding. But by the time we finish, we will have a cleaner and more organized house than we have had since we moved in almost eleven years ago. 


I have learned that over time and with neglect, clutter rules. 


Our lives work the same way. Over time and with neglect, our spirits become cluttered by busyness, distractions, and hardships. We end up overwhelmed and lost as to how to fix it.


But God knows exactly what to do, and thankfully, he isn’t in a hurry. He doesn’t tackle everything at once, as I did in our house. Instead, he takes his beloved creation and he gently points out the spots to renovate, cleaning out our hearts piece by piece and room by room as we give him free rein. 


I know that I lose focus on God and his work very quickly when I neglect his Word, his voice, the community of his people, and personal worship. My life ends up cluttered by poor thinking, selfishness, and busyness with things of little value. When I feel overwhelmed or my relationships are stressful, it is likely time to declutter and clean.


I sometimes watch home renovation shows. A house almost uninhabitable and without character ends up beautiful in the hands of knowledgeable craftsmen and designers.


We have the designer and craftsman of our souls ready to get to work. When we take time to clean out what needs to go, his presence will fill the house and make it a thing of beauty.


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