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Want to try that again?

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Confessions of a Control Freak

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Eight Views of Women in the Church, Home, and Society within the Inerrancy Camp

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What Parents of Special Needs Kids Wish You Knew

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The Paradoxical Life of Abiding in Christ

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The Soul Forming Power of Everydayness

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What Do You Regret?

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Matter Matters

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Jeffrey Dahmer--Our Brother in Christ?

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Casting Lots to Make Decisions?

Grieving with Willow Creek Church, Bill Hybels, and the Women Whose Stories Should Concern Us All

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Never Underestimate the Price and Prize of Peace and Quiet

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Work in Heaven?

Charlottesville One Year Later: A Call for the Church to Unify

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What Do We Do When God Is Silent?

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Leadership and Friendship—Are They Mutually Exclusive?

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Growing Old - Staying Fresh and Green

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What is Truth?

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All the Single Ladies