My Story, or His Story?

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Sharing one’s “life story” is a popular activity in church ministries these days. I am supposed to share mine tomorrow at a young moms’ group in a local church. I was told to share my “life story,” not my “faith story.” Something about that bothered me.

What is my “life story” without my faith in Christ interwoven in it? Whether I was obedient or disobedient to whatever revelation was given to me at the time. Sounds like a lot of focus on me—what happened to me, what I did, and with whom—which, as Paul says in Philippians 3:8, is “rubbish” compared to knowing Christ. So, I am at a quandary to know how I feel about such an emphasis on women sharing their “life stories” but not “faith stories.” What would my story be without His story in my life?

We as women can be very verbal in telling about ourselves—how we did this well and how we did that not so well. Our accomplishments and the tragedies that shaped us. Occasionally throwing in something about where God was in the mix at that time. Twenty minutes are pretty easy to fill with details about “me.”

Now, I don’t believe that our God is a micro-manager, directing every moment of our lives. He did give us brains to use to make decisions. Yet, He does expect us to respond in faith to whatever revelation is given to us at the time—primarily through His Word. And, I do believe that He is good all the time, in different ways to each of us, and in what He allows or doesn’t allow into our lives. Shouldn’t our faith walk be continually woven into our “life stories?”

Sometimes parts of our life story help us to relate to another woman. She hears what I’ve been through, helping her to connect with me to enable future friendship with and ministry to her. Isn’t that also an opportunity to share what difference knowing Christ has made in those situations?

So, how can I share my “life story” without including my “faith story” — the difference Jesus has made in my life since the day I chose to follow Him as His disciple? Before that, and even since, my efforts—though filled with achievements—are “rubbish” compared to knowing Christ. So, how can I leave that out?

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