How to Build Dynamic Ministry Teams

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Today I'm happy to welcome as my guest Cynthia Hester, a Dallas Theological Seminary doctoral student, who chairs the Association for Women in Ministry Professions ( She loves reading, beach walking, and lively conversations on current events, leadership, and women in the Word.) Find her on Facebook and Twitter @1cynthiahester.) Here are her tips for building strong leadership teams, along with her top three leadership book picks: 
  • Pray consistently for wisdom and discernment.
  • Lead with humility.
  • Prioritize diversity in team formation.
  • Cultivate members with varied gifts.
  • Communicate clearly the ministry vision and goals.
  • Encourage creativity and collaboration.
  • Listen intentionally to foster trust relationships.
  • Guide consistently with accountability and affirmation.
  • Change what needs changing.
  • Model balancing ministry tasks with relationship investment.
  • Persevere through crisis, conflict, or betrayal.
  • Invest team time in the 3 F’s: faith, fellowship, and fun.

Three recommended leadership resources: 

Leading from Your Strengths: Building Close-Knit Ministry Teams, John Trent 

Leading with a Limp, Dan B. Allender 

The Secret of Teams, Mark Miller

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