For Jonathan for Valentine's Day

This Saturday is Valentine's Day. Although I traditionally loathe the day because of its dubious commercial connections to rose, heart-shaped box, greeting card and chocolate companies, I do appreciate the dedicated time to romantic love.

I figure that if God can dedicate a heart-pounding book of the bible to sing the ultimate of songs (Song of Solomon), it's surely okay for us to have a love holiday.

But love holidays were always angsty and tormented for me, especially while I was in seminary. Ugh.

In honor of the angst, and the subsequent resolution of that angst in my handsome, incredible, husband (who actually caused the angst, but all's well that ends well), I'm posting this poem. I wrote it for him while we were "on a break."

For Jonathan
This is a poem to Jonathan
who rides across states roving lands
with dirt embedded in his nails
I wonder what drew him to me
Black woman from the Bronx
Not knowing ratchets or 45s
or Wolf Creek in November
His eyes whispered trust to my heart
before my mind would learn
that faithfully love teaches reaches
out to me
Through the quirky gifts and politics
Dutch-country cadences of brilliance
Who are you, love
Tender lips, hair and heart wild
Brave fatherless child
The chosen one of eight to me
thrill seeker teacher gun slinger
evoke sonnets from this singer
Vulnerable hearts should be held precious
Your love is a jewel, cradled in my palms
So I write this in fear, in truth, in
love, Jonathan, my hopeful future
my enigmatic now.

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