Technology and Discipleship

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Technology—gotta love it!

I live in Dallas but I'm in Seattle right now, having joined my husband for some badly needed Sabbath rest. There is internet access in our hotel room for both our laptop computers. I am able to retrieve my email from anywhere and stay in touch on my schedule.

From here I am able to update our ministry's website (, where I serve as "webmistress"). From here I am able to access maps for my husband's treks to go hang out with Jesus in some of His finest creation. From here I am able to do research for the book I'm writing. From here I'm able to contribute to one of the coolest places on the internet,

This is convenient for me today, but the wonder of technology goes far beyond convenience. The internet is an incredible thing!

It means a Christian sister serving in the Peace Corps can go to an internet café on Sunday mornings and see the video of our pastor's sermon one week after I did.

It means women engaged in serving the Kingdom wherever they are have access to the ministry tools we are preparing and sharing from the women's section of

It means women with the spiritual gift of teaching have a growing pool of resources for helping them dig into the Word for themselves and prepare lessons to feed the ewes in their care.

It means women who are in pain can read articles of comfort and encouragement from a responsible, trustworthy biblical perspective. 

It means on this blog, women of various stripes—but all committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ—can offer the wisdom that comes from years of pursuing Jesus and His Word passionately. . . and women of various nations can interact with us as online sisterfriends. One of my mentors defined discipleship as anything that moves another believer closer to Christ. The technology of the internet means that we can help disciple each other, women all over the world, as we all seek to become the women God delights to make us.  

Whether you join us from the comfort of your recliner through wireless internet in your home, or a barely-furnished internet café on the other side of the world, welcome! We rejoice in God's good gift that allows us to do this!

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