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Preparing Our Souls for Advent - An Advent Primer

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Job or Ministry—Must It Be One or the Other?

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Reincarnation: The Christmas Counterfeit

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To Spank or Not To Spank--That is the Question

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Can a Wife Ever be a Spiritual Covering?

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Forbearance: A Greater Grace

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It's the Most ???? Time of the Year

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Papers Relating to Women I Heard at ETS

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Thanksgiving: How the Practice of Gratitude leads to the Presence of Contentment

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A fresh perspective on Deborah by Barb Haesecke

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No More Masks

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God's Sovereignty and Mattresses

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Lessons From a Hospital Bed

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Give Thanks In...

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Holy Spirit Hot Spots

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What Should I Do with Rejection?

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Repentance = Reparations: Time Does Not Heal All Sin

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The Holiday Invitation

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Dogs and Pigs

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All Saint's Day and The Cloud of Witnesses