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Vain Imaginations

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God Will Join Together What Man Has Put Asunder

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An Interview with Theologian Nika Spaulding: Instinctive Theology

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The Sacrament of Everyday Life

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I am Barabbas

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Made Alive…No Longer Dead

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The Transforming Love of the Father

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That Time I Burned Out and Almost Moved to Tahiti

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Movie Wrinkle in Time: Best Way to Update (Hijack) a (Fairly) Christian Classic

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When Your Heart is Choked by Hurt

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A Promise from God

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When Suffering Gets Personal

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"Biblical Womanhood": What is a Woman?

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Adoption—Not Plan B

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Work is an act of worship, not a curse

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Anticipating Holy Week - Preparing Through Lent

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What It's Like to Live with a Disability

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My Written-in-Real-Time Blog of Billy Graham's Funeral

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"Vindicating the Vixens" Book Review

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A Theology of Writing