A Short List of Reasons Why Kids Get It and Why We Don’t!

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This is a small list of reasons why I believe kids more easily accept the Gospel and why adults don’t:

  • Kids don’t mind believing the unbelievable! (no worldly filters to stop them)
  • Adults can’t rationalize the irrational! (people might think they are crazy)
  • Kids don’t generally carry a big old handbag of sin! (Satan has little ammo on them)
  • Adults sometimes have boxcars full of it! (Satan uses every bit of it to make them feel unworthy)
  • Kids are easily drawn to Love! (They sense it and are attracted to it)
  • Adults are weary of love! (They scrutinize it and keep it at arm’s length)
  • Kids want to be led! (They don’t know it but they thrive when they are)
  • Adults want to control! (Nobody tell them what to do!!)
  • Jesus loves the children and they know it! (It’s part of their wiring)
  • Jesus loves the Adults but they forget it! (The wiring has been short-circuited)
  • Kids will tell everyone about the good things! (They will share everything!)
  • Adults will keep it to themselves! (People will think I’m crazy and…blah, blah, blah!)

I can go on and on.  The truth is most kids still have the Godly faith that was given to them before they were born and they haven’t lost it yet.  The world hasn’t stripped it from them and they don’t have any problems with believing the unfathomable, unbelievable, irrational and incredible story about how a loving God would give up everything including his own son to insure that all of his Children all over the world would spend eternity with Him.  They just "get it" and It’s so beautiful!
But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Luke 18:16.


The points you mentioned, all are really adoable. Everyone must accept it, the way you relate the facts with life is really amazing...
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