Baby Dedication or Parent Dedication? - That is the question!

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This weekend my church will be holding its semi-annual Baby Dedication ceremony during the morning worship service. It’s a wonderful time for those dedicating parents to show off their beautifully or handsomely decorated babies to the congregation and celebrate what God has blessed them with. The truth is Baby Dedication isn’t as much about parents dedicating their baby to the Lord as much as they are committing themselves to raising their children in a Christ-Centered home.
Here are 5 ways parents can commit to raising their child in a Christ-Centered home:
1) Parents make Church a priority over ALL extra-curricular activities! - Sports are important, “family time” is important, rest is important but in the grand scheme of things you won’t learn or draw closer to God on the Soccer Field or sleeping in on Sunday. Parents examine your friends, your habits and your hobbies. Are they going to help you or your children model Christ?

2) Parents don’t center your lives around your kids! – This is rather controversial subject that often ends in at least one argument. We should always love our children and welcome them as additions to the family but they should never be the central focus of your lives. If you are committing to raising your children in a “Christ-centered” home it’s pretty hard to do that when your child(ren) is occupying that spot first. That leads me to my third point.

3) Parents put your marriage above your kids! – Another controversial subject that really gets some people going. When we put our spouse above our children we are modeling the kind of relationship that has long lasting benefits and is pleasing to God. Parents work for and on your marriage daily. Make it your second priority in your life behind your relationship with the Lord.

4) Parents commit first and foremost to your relationship with God! - This is the #1 priority!!!! Learn who God is and how much He loves you. It’s really insane how much he does. His love comes complete with a life plan & passionate love letter called The Bible and an eternal life insurance policy called the Gospel. Call his son Jesus for details on how to get hooked up with this insurance policy.

5) Parents make your home your full time ministry! Church is one-two hours a week and even on my best day I won’t have near the impact you will about teaching your kids about Jesus. Do the math – I’ll get at best 52 hours of your kids ear per year and probably at worst you will get at least 1400 hours of their attention. Who is likely to have the most impact? Think about that and commit or dedicate yourself making your home a place where God is proud to call His church.

Pastor Brian

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