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A couple of months ago I was at a conference and one of the leaders of the conference was encouraging the crowd to “be present where you are”.  She was ultimately requesting for us to focus on the right here and right now and eliminate the other stuff in our mind.   I have to admit, that I had to stop my brain, quit steering my thoughts elsewhere and focus on what she was saying.  I had to be present in the moment…and it was hard!

Since then I’ve been evaluating how present I am in the most important things in my life.  Things like – my family, my work, my church come to mind, however it is my relationship with God that has really convicted me the most. 

Of that relationship - I’ve had to really think about how present I am in my communication with God in prayer.  Do I take rabbit trails when I pray and start thinking about the people or things?  Do I start thinking about things I need to do and hurry up my prayers?  When I pray – am I talking to God or myself? 

What about work? Do I constantly wish I was somewhere else instead of just focusing on the work that God has given me right here and right now. 

What about my home and family?  Do I focus on everything else besides the blessings of home and family? 

What about church? Am I worried about how well my ministry is running instead of worshiping the God that gave me that ministry in the first place?

Be present where you are! That really is great advice if you think about it.  It’s ok to dream, plan and prepare for the future but when it comes to the times that mean the most – be present!

Just food for thought!

By the way - If you made through this blog today, then I appreciate your being present at this moment…now you can go back to work!



Great food for thought///
Thank you for the great reminder!

So it's great advice and i try regularly to stick to that kind of thinking; but lost a 14 year relationship can't get ant kind of communication refiring to the how ains what my kids are up to its like i never ment anything to this woman how do you not think about that when that's all you knew half your life? 

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