The Church is The Best Deal In Town!

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I just found out my original post did not post. So here is the original post. Our Church is in a season where tithing is down and our budgets are being shrunk. It’s the time of the year where families are spending a ton of money on school needs and kid’s extracurricular activities and just life.Considering that we are dealing with this situation right now I thought it would be cool to help people understand a little more about the value of church from a very secular monetary point of view and hopefully open their eyes to what they are getting each Sunday morning for absolutely no cost to them. The value in my opinion is tremendous…In fact it’s ridiculously awesome!

To explain this I thought I would compare what the average church goer gets when they attend worship service on Sunday and what they would have to purchase in order to get the equivalent teaching/motivational speaking, music, refreshments, and childcare. Let’s use a Zig Ziglar Conference for instance. Just figuring the conference fees, childcare, possible light refreshments and you buy one of his books - you are looking at possibly $250. That’s what a one day Zig Ziglar conference where you walk out motivated and better equipped to conquer your life in sales and business. Now let’s compare that with Church…we’ll call that a Jesus Conference. No conference fees, no childcare fees, no charge for light refreshments and you don’t have to buy a book. Your weekly cost = $0. You get to enjoy this 51 weeks of the year and you walk out motivated and better equipped to conquer your life in sales, business, your marriage, your parenting, your friendships and a greater understanding of the world around you as a whole. Throw in there that you get to hear live music and the value really goes up How much should you pay for this? Let’s see how much does God ask us to pay? Technically a Tithe but in reality a tithe is simply starting point. It’s a figure that could be 10% or it could be whatever your heart leads you to give. The key is to start. Give something and be consistent with it. So many people don’t give because they can’t or won’t depart with the full 10% of their income so they don’t give at all. That’s just dumb! Why give? Because giving to the local church helps not just you but countless others who need to hear about hope. They need to hear how there is a God and that He loves them regardless of the mess they have made of their lives. It the place where we hear 51 weeks out of the year that God has a plan for all of us to become the absolute best that we can be in all aspects of our lives. The cost for God to provide the church – everything! And he did it so that we would have a relationship with you and me forever. It’s truly the best deal in town!

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