The Treasure of Today!

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The other day I asked my good friend Jose if he was having a good week and Jose said to me “Mr. Brian there are only good days and every day is a good day.”  He is right you know?  Jose understands the value of a day.  He understands that #1) we’re not promised a single one of them, #2) that he is blessed beyond what he ever expected #3) that today is the day the Lord has made and he’s not going to waist it. 

I thought about it a lot after Jose shared that with me.  I got to thinking that I spend too much time worried about tomorrow.  I think about how I’m going to lead things that I’m in charge of (family, ministry), how much money I’m going to need (mortgage, college, retirement), when things are going to happen (big life changes) and whether or not the things I do are going to make any difference at all (leaving a legacy).  I worry about these kinds of things and I often mess up perfectly good days. Of course, we all worry about tomorrow but when we do we might just end up worrying too much and rob ourselves of the joys of today.

You see Jose has the attitude of Christ and the key word there is “attitude”.   If we have the right attitude then we won’t let our days be bad and we can overcome through the power of Christ. 

What is so great about today you ask?

1)      Unless you woke up dead and in Hell – You’re having a great day!

2)      If you know who Jesus is and He knows you – You’re having a great day!

3)      If your attitude is like Christ – you’re having a great day!

The other day, I was having a “bad day” and my mother texted me and simply said “Don’t let them steal your joy!”  I paused for a few seconds, smiled and preceded to pray and ask God to take control.   He did!  The rest of the day was fantastic! I took inventory of my day and by the time I got through pointing out all of the good things in my life then I had little room for the bad things to rob me of another minute!

So…no matter what season you’re in, don’t let them (who ever them is) steal your joy and remember that there are really only good days…especially when Jesus is in control of our lives.   Amen!


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